1 Stall Horse Barn

cowshed 1 horse stable

A 10x16 with 1- 10x10 stable and 1- 6x10 storage room, 5.495. The Cedar Board and Batten Low Profile Modular Bar - completion in 1 day. 12'x26' Two stable horse stable with tack room. There are 2 stands, 1 tack room and an open area for tractor or other equipment.

A talented team will work with you to design a stable that meets your individual needs and budget.

Stable kits Lancaster PA | Steel fattening stable kits

More than 14 years of expertise helps our clients to construct the stable of their dream. Stable and stable kit are robust, practical and simple to use. We have a highly skilled staff working with you to create a stable that meets your needs and your needs.

This could range from a 1 or 2 barn to a large 50-stable stable with paddock. We welcome and appreciate your designs and even images so that we can make the property you are looking for available. After I buy my stable set, what happens?

As soon as we have received your call, you will work with one of our field staff from the design stage of your stable construction set to the conclusion of your projects. We' ll help you integrate what you want into your stable or stable and meet your needs from the footer to the traverses.

The seller will create the house, horse boxes, stable gates and window, as well as all the accessories you could wish for, such as washing areas, saddle rooms, fodder store, an offi ce and even dwellings for agricultural workers. They want a stable that lasts and of which you can be proud.

The barn is both original and practical. Should your "dream stable" not be possible at this point in your life, we will carry out inspections until we have found a stable construction set that is suitable for your particular budgets.

Experience an individually constructed horse stable in MA

No matter how many ponies you have, your security and grooming is your top concern, which is why we have a wide range of stables throughout Massachusetts. Safeguard your valuable horse from all kinds of influences such as wind, water, snow as well as direct sunlight with one of our stables. The stables are usually constructed with a large front projection under which your horse can escape the bad wheather.

Cowsheds remain arid and offer a lot of space for every horse to feel good while lying or upright. We can even customise these stables by providing a saddle or storeroom at one or both ends. The stables in MA protect the horse from the elements, with or without box.

This special stables are perfect for grazing animals or farm animals, as they provide shadow in sunshine and protection in the rainy season. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff to find out more about the characteristics, colours and equipment you can select for your horse stable in MA.

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