100g Horse Rugs

100 g horse blankets

Original Rambo 100g turnout blanket with leg arches. Fixed Neck Turnout 100g. Mlbry Hill carries all leading brands of horse blankets. Sires Highlander 100g Standard Turnout Carpet - Lime.

Switch carpets for horses - Millbry Hill

Soft carpets can be considered light, medium or heavy, with some particularly thickly stuffed carpets being described as supererficial. Carpets have a neckline that provides a little more cover than a normal throat, and can often be a good option if the horse is suffering from scratching the carpet around the ankles.

Light switch carpets at a sale prices

Cleance lightweighted switch carpets from all top makes. Easy switch carpets at reasonable costs with free postage. It is our intention to buy top labels like Shires, HKM and Rhinegold. Also we have for sell litite weight switch carpets with soft padding. We have our 100g switch carpets for horses that need a slightly more warmness.

There are always switch carpets at a reasonable selling rate.

switch carpets

Also known as the New Zealand carpet, the switch fulfils many different purposes. Avaiable in different forms and weight, according to your horse's weight, the switch carpet is suited to keep your horse safe and secure all year round. Developed for use outdoors, this carpet prevents your horse from getting soiled or weathered while your horse's coat is kept brief and out of sunlight.

All VioVets are available in a wide range of lightweight, medium-weight and heavy-duty switch carpets.

100 g crossover cover

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Words'Preloved' are displayed under the brand name. Buy results by: 100g Fix necks Amigo Mio Navy/Red, 6'0, Good used grade, No bores, 25 Thick cameo polarfleece, Green/Yellow, 6'0, Good used grade, No bores, 15 Traditional blanket, Black & Whit,....

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