100g Horse Turnout Rug

100 g horse blanket

420 Denier Tough-1 420 denier turnout rug 150g. 1200D heavy horse blanket Rip. Durable 1 600 denier waterproof horse cloth. Shiri's turnout carpets are made of breathable fabrics from ShireTex.

horsewear Amigo Bravo 12 Original Turnout Blanket 100G

The Horseware Amigo Bravo 12 100g turnout rug was developed for turnouts with a classical design and is an excellent value that ensures a long service life that outlasts the harsh daily routine. Featuring a 1200 Denier Outer Shell to avoid cracks and 100 gram filling, this rug is the ideal selection as a conservatory rug for moderate climate zones or as an every day turnout rug for shorn or warm horse.

Maintain your horse with Amigo's classic look, which provides a non-slip grip with crossed abdominal straps, flat front buckles and a full-face tailgate with lanyard. Main features: Construction & Materials: Amigo® Classic Cut Design's unique high-necked, high chest buckles prevents the cover from sliding backwards and exerting unwanted force on the horse's manes, necks or ankles.

Horseware Legs Arches offers benefits over conventional spandrels, such as a smooth, ergonomically designed relief for the back and shoulders and full forelegs. A contours cutting behind the elbows prevent accumulation of fabric behind the front legs, preventing undesirable friction or scour.

Exclusively for Horseware, Ireland, the Amigo Mio has a 100% water tight AquaTrans Fabric AquaTrans fabric with AquaTrans? backing, a sponge-like hydrophilised finish that pulls and evaporates humidity upwards and outwards from the inside of the bed. Ultrapuffy and hot thermo-bonded fibre filling keeps the horse cool and supports regeneration to make sure your horse is always surrounded by schooling.

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Tempest Original 600D Turnout Blanket

Can be used for cold evenings and when a heavy carpet is too hot, or for robust horse in cold weathers. ShereTex 600 deniers ribstop, watertight and breathing, with stapled stitching, 100g or 200g polypropylene, cover kit breast buckles, variable straps, variable filet belt, tailgate Long-lasting, reliable, inexpensive!

The Tempest Genuine carpets provide extraordinary value for those looking for a good, reliable switch carpet. Shire Tex soft carpets are made of Shire Tex breathe. These robust and long-lasting materials are covered with a special formulation of hydrophile coatings that absorb excessive perspiration and damp. SHRE-TEX textiles are checked under monitored circumstances for their fitness for horse mats.

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