14 Hands Horse for Sale

Fourteen hands horse for sale

In our category Horses & Ponies you will find 14 horses for sale. Are there breeds for sale that hold 14 hands for one horse? Correct spelling for "14 and a half hand" is "14.2". is a 14h gelding with 75 rides, who started this summer at the age of 4 and is ready to go to work.

Not to be anal, but 14.

Twelve to 14 hands for sale

Mélot is a wonderful fillingy with great blood lines. Fast, cat-like chestnut bay foal. Skies Name The Limit TO SEE MORE OF THIS HORSE AND OTHERS GO TO WWW. Koko's Cowboy is a 2017 Choctaw stallion foal that has some of the best SSMA..... The Vasper (barn name) is a 2016 Choctaw gelding out of Phantom's Gold Lights by Kokomo Joe.....

The star is a 2012 Choctaw mare foal from Cowboy's Comanche Lace by Kokomo Joe. Charms is a wonderful chocolate filledy with light dots all over it! These colts have some very pretty old Rocky blood lines. Castolone RDL: 2018 Bay PRE Colt: The foal is by Persiles YET. That' gonna make a pretty, strong filly. Mm-hmm.

Occasion 14-15 handlers for sale

We have Brianna for sale in a lovely house! Only Brianna is a b/w saddle horse, ....! This Buckskin Quarter Wallach is very beautiful and cute. That little filly would make a great horse for a delicate human. Beautiful 2 year old filly.

He is a 14 year old, painted horse..... We introduce: BLUE EYED BLUTTONS, 14 hands, 13 years old, Halflinger Kreuz..... A great, royal broodfill. It'?s as calm as you imagine. She is a wonderful 13 year old broodmare with 14'3 hands. A very cute horse, well reared with a lot of brains.

Sticky, great mind, great predisposition, will be a beautiful Dunnin, all in a May 9 pack..... The Lena foal always has the cutest baby, which is in beautiful pink colour with lots of muscles.....

a 12-14 handed quarter horses for sale

Mélot is a wonderful fillingy with great blood lines. Fast, cat-like chestnut foal. Very cute and soft horse..... Pepto's Pepto's Sweet Boom Sparkle Blue Boon X Clabbers Two ID Cat (Two ID Sway Jack) 2015 Bavarian...... That is Chopo AKA "RVR Chopo Nu Diamond" AQHA 2015 colt.

The filly is very relaxed and..... She' s very soft and ride very well..... LocationsThree Gabeln, MT.... Rusty is going to be recorded AQHA, b. May 5. LocationDrei Gabeleln, MT..... Shasta is going to be recorded as AQHA. That' Destiny, a filly by Poppysox Goldseeker. Fate is a soft.....

Extremely adorable little foal! BISCROUCH is a brown filly. No. 4/30/17 extremely lovely, inquisitive, in your horse. LocationSaginaw, MI 4860..... 2018 Buckskin Felly, she was managed and stumbled and is working on the lead. Honey, little, nice... LocationSaginaw, MI 4860.... 2018 fillies, including AQHA-Applikation.

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