15.2 Dressage Horse for Sale

15.2 Dressage horse for sale

15.2 Handiger and still growing golden suede gelding. Locate 15.2 local dressage horses in horses and ponies for sale and care in the UK and Ireland. Jazzman Tullyard (Jazz) 15.

2hh, 7yo, WB x TB Bay Mare.

Dressurpferde for sale at Warmblood

She was a German importer and was active in dressage sport in Germany. Ever since she has been in the USA, she has been producing excellent colts that have been judged as Premium and Elite in their Oldenburg classes and have been used extraordinarily well in dressage in Devon. She' s a real jewel, this filly. Extremely easily obtained in colts with either chilled or chilled.

Slightly pregnant filly. She is a great cooperation horse. Extraordinary broodmares, which will be sold to the Grand Prix horse Glock's Zonik for May 2019. Every year she was rode between her colts and is a healthy, amateur-friendly first class filly. Are you looking for your nearest dressage companion?

The Tito is a simple goalkeeper with great feet - no boots required! There are no problems with your good habits, no injury, good for the blacksmith, just a pendant, gets along well with other geldings and has a funny person. Jaxon, 2014 registered KWPN Brown Gelding with a lot of exercise. Eye-catching and sporty gelding of the famous dressage connoisseur.

The dressage horse Jaxon is raised in the advanced class, but also likes jumping. Prices rise with more practice and showmanship. Legend for sale! Class GP with certified tempo flight changes and pass. Piaffe transition piaffe passages. Simple in every way. He is a beautiful Himalayan horse - he is moving like a warm blood and has the brains of an Analusian!

It is great on trail, bomb proof and ultra light at shows and invites like a breath. He' s still a little dark but he' s so simple that it will be a pleasure to end him. He' s a real nice little guy and he' s really calm. He is a dedicated Eros pearl that is willing to connect with his new mate.

Doubly registrated ANCCE and IALHA. Lifelong registration with USEF and USDF. The Gavilan REY is an ANCCE designated seven-year-old PRE gray gelding. He began his education under horseback by chopping on paths, where he learnt to traverse waters and bridge, to overcome rocks and collapsed wood. Easily launched, Freddie now shows the workout levels and works on his first step changes, legs gains and the extension of both trot and gallop.

Even though his education has only just started, he shows the readiness to work with the pros and a lenient character towards the less.... He is a stunning royal stud of outstanding workmanship and breed with an impressing multidisciplinary show-balance. He has won a number of domestic accolades among his 78 championships as well as two Lifetime Merit and the USDF Dressage Sport Horse Grand Champion of Show honors.

He is a seasoned, multi-talented competitor with cross-training in a number of events. That horse can do anything. When you en.... 2010 P.R.E. Andalusian dressage filly with show performance in Kansas! She is a 15. 1H really charming filly for driving and exercising.

It has been shown at educational levels at community school exhibitions and feels very comfortable in new surroundings. With an exaggerated, pocket-sized character, enthusiasm for work ethics, and a champ-pedigree with rare Guardiola blood lines, it' s all in ruby. P.R.E. with ANCCE, Munidal and IALHA - cardboard boxes and paper are in use.

Carilo' SRF 25.000 10.000 prix filly 16 Hände 2011 7 years old Sire- Navarre GF Dam- Orotava GF Carilo is a gifted, eye-catching filly looking for her dancing mate! It is willing to evolve into your next higher tier mate. But Carilo had a belated beginning, but is prepared for a successful dressage carrier.

It is currently in training the first and second stage with a schedule to show both stages this year. It' sitting easily and it's great to drive and not only stands out in the stadium, but also dominates the outside crowd.... Breathtaking PRE/Andalusian colt of exceptional caliber! Riveted appearance, impressive height and breathtaking corridors are just some of the features of this top-class PRE sire.

He is a good-natured 17H nobleman with an outstanding work ethic who prepares for the dressage of the advanced school. It trains side skirts in all paces, has opposing gallops and works on flight changes and gallop pilots. The PANTERO is one of many EXQUISITE PRE, ANDALUSIAN and LUSITANOS listed on our website.

However, we would like to welcome you to our website for more unbelievable dressage mates. A charming 2007 dark colt, he has so much to give the demanding breeder. Ideal for classic or competition dressage, shows, work riding and more, this all-round rider is a great choice. Excalibur 2012 is an absolute beautiful 6 year old IAHLA licensed gelding of infinite promise.

Out of the dam of the dam FMR Dinero out of a certified WB mares by Rubignon. Held and launched by a native equestrian coach, this gelding possesses flawless handling - self-loading, traction, ideal for veterinarians, blacksmiths, etc. - and is a great horse for the horse. He' s dressage-green, but he' s moving very fast.

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