15 Inch Western Saddle

15-inch Western Saddle

up to 15 Barrel Saddle The saddle has only been used a few time, it sits only in my own bathroom and comes with a RCA front and rear. Running saddle with front bearing latch! The saddle is in good condition and fit for riding! It is a great Sharon Camarillo Barrel saddle from Courts Saddlery.

It is 15 " and has full quarterspoles. But I have too many saddles and I have to reduce the saddleize! It is a Santa Fe Barrel/Pleasure/Trail saddle, it has a 15" fit, 7 1/2" spring gulet and a 24" coat and weights about 25#. 15 " Chair.

Beautiful running saddle in good state. 15th place. When you need a dependable saddle, then it is..... running saddle 15" 15" galvanized running saddle. Used, but still in good shape, low fit, broad esophagus. 15-inch 4T barrels saddle made in Ben Wheeler Texas. The saddle is somewhat dust and is cleaned before shipping.

Westernsadtel Size chart

16-30 lbs15 "15"16" 126 - 145 lbs16"16"16" 146 - 165 lbs16"16"16" 166 - 185 lbs16"16"16" 166 - 195 lbs (Pear Shaped Women)17"16"16" 196 - 225 lbs17"17"17" 226 - 250 lbs17"17"17"17" 226 - 250 lbs (Pear Shaped Women)18"17"17" 250+ lbs18"18 "There is plenty of room for your own preferences with fit fit, too,

However, it is usually better to be wrong about ordering too large a seating position than about ordering too small a one. Generic guideline is about 3 finger between your thighs and the swelling.

ImportantĀ Information

Colour: ", "currentDimCombID":""", "pageRefreshRefactor":1, "useVariationsOverlay":0, "asinToDimIndexMapData":{}, "twisterMarkImageLoad":1, "storeID": "sporting-goods"}; //selectively not to miss. returnoReturn; }); This saddle will certainly drive as good as it looks! The saddle has a classical, hand-carved flower and sheet pattern on a wonderful middle olive wood grain suede, which is accentuated by a handpainted insole. This insole is nicely accentuated with blackened crystal and silvery rivets along the skirt and mudguard.

This saddle is even more accentuated by the buckskirt edges with a buckskin printconcho. A well upholstered leather saddle in dark leather provides riding comforts, while the well cushioned soft fleeces underneath keep your horses comfy. Semitrailer measurements: SQHB x 7 " high (can absorb higher withers) Rock: 26-28 " Horn: 3 Ā¼ " Swell:

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