15 Saddle for Sale

Art. 15 Saddle for sale

Selling affordable used running saddles has ONLY 5291 members. Only a few years ago our best-selling Teamroeps were 15 and 15.5. 15" western saddle, solid bars #20882. Westernsattel Double R full quarter horse bars 15 1/2" seat very good condition!

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Fifteen Rope Saddle

Saddlesmith's slightly used abseil saddle from which no abseiling has ever been done. The saddle is well made, offers a good ride and goes well with a saddle. Performed is a 15" Commanche Rooping saddle. The saddle is in very good shape. That saddle was a bargain with a locals. There'?s nothing wrong with the saddle at all.

Well used 15 " abseil saddle made in Texas West. This saddle is in good condition and has thick leathers. This saddle has all plain leathers without tools .... Fifteen inches Simco abseil saddle. It'?s a good, sturdy, hard saddle at a good value. Elder saddle and was stocked.

Apart from that a well used saddle! J. Stead Saddle Co. Kind of saddle: Sit type: Second-hand 15" rope saddle with 6" oesophagus. Pretty Jack Antles Rope Trail saddle. Pretty open, full Qa.....

Art. 15 Saddle

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£15 saddle for sale - NewsNow classifieds

15 in. saddle and stands. 15 in. saddle and stands. The Aerborn Gel Pads are used under the saddle to keep the horse's back protected. Wonderful Hayden Show saddle in all Havana brownshades. Nut - Englisch Leder-Federbaum Größe 15 1/2" 15" 15" Englischer brauner Ponysattel 6" Breite.

NEW WESTERN PLEASURE new western pleasure ride train saddle 15" 16" 17" 18" full Qh cash easy show barrele tackle

Possibly lacking or broken rivets, significantly lower prices. It is a breathtaking show saddle with rivets that will look great at a parade or just ride on a trails! This saddle is made of dark brown hide and adorned with silvery rivets. It is embossed in the direction of the edge. This saddle has a smooth buckskin fit that is also hand-stitched.

Surrounding the rear RCA there are sterling silver discs that give the saddle a special touch. This saddle has front and rear straps so you can secure your saddlebags or other attachments. It is a unique saddle, you will not find such a saddle at this cost.

The saddle comes with headpiece, rein and chest neck for a temporary period only! Sattel specifications: Made of 100% leather and adorned with silver rivets on the bottom side with fabric fibreglass reinforced with wooden reinforcement. Caliper measurements:

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