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15" to 17" Dakota Western Saddle, Flex Tree Trail Saddle 2212. WESTERN SADDLE CT, TUBAC, AZ 85646 is currently not for sale. 15" to 17" Dakota Western Saddle, Flex Tree Trail Saddle 2212

Dakota Saddlery has teamed up with us to offer you this premium West Saddle at an unbeatable value. No disappointment with this wonderful Western trails saddle. This saddle is so popular that it comes with a ten-year guarantee. This saddle is built on a Ralide Flexi-trunk and contains In-Skirt rigidging with brass parts.

Created on Full Quarter Horse Bars and available in Pro Brown and Golden Brown from Dakota. Head: 15", 16" or 17" Horn Height: 3. 5" Rock length: 26-1/2" Rigging: Complete Flanks Kit Provided - Our Dakota Flanks Kits contain the connecting tape to attach the Flanks to the front RCA.

Nice, comfy saddle. I totally loved my saddle. This saddle is very comfy and took very little riding in. Choosing additional upholstery in the seats, greased leathers and turned hangers. Also Dakota adapted the construction on a half four rod and they made my mudguards smaller because I have a crotch seam.

Nice saddle for the prize. I got it for trails. It' not as comfy as the Tucker I had, but I put on a pillow and it felt great. Also I had a new Circle Y and I have to say that I favour the softest leathers that are on the Dakota.

Didn't really appear on the images on-line when I was buying it. All in all it's a beautiful saddle that didn't taste like an arms or a legs and I'm satisfied with the price. This saddle was made for my woman for her new stallion.

We' ll use the saddle for trails. It' a beautiful looking saddle, very comfortably and suits well to the horses. Well, we like everything on the saddle. Buy a saddle - that's the right thing to do! It is not my first Dakota saddle, there is a good chance to buy another one. Dakota-Saddles are my first and only option now!

Though I was a little jumpy, I had bought a saddle without trying it first. Knowing what I was looking for in a saddle, I just couldn't find one that fulfilled all the requirements. And Charlie was great and showed me the Dakota saddle way. This saddle is my saddle and I like it.

In my view the image of the darkbrown olive does not do the saddle justice. From another saddler we adopted a tack stile of another saddler and used it on the Dakota saddle. Also I got an additional cushioning in the seats and selected another one. It took my saddle about 1 months from ordering to arriving at my front gate with all the adjustments I had asked for.

All I have to say is great things about the saddle and saddleshop.com. One thing I would suggest is to get the saddle pre-oiled to avoid the need to oil the saddle, the hangers were turned beautifully with only one broomstick for about 1 weeks. Otherwise it is a beautiful saddle that I use to show western pleasures and for hiking riding.

This saddle is recommended! Beautiful saddle really. I got my Dakota saddle a few month ago and I use it almost every day. It'?s a perfect match for my 15-hand fondation quartershirt. It' pleasant for me too. It is used for Arenas as well as trails and I had no problem.

It'?s a really pretty saddle that doesn't take a penny. Oh, I like that saddle. Having determined that my prior saddle was simply not so convenient for long hauls, I researched and opted to buy a Dakota saddle from my own inventory after my man had positively rated the positives of his own Dakota\.

Oh, I adore the look of that saddle. This saddle is convenient for 15 miles riding, and I am hoping that I can go on up to 25 miles riding. I have a wonderful moving stallion and we are both very lucky with the sale. Nice saddle! That saddle suits him like it was made just for him, with lots of withers.

It seems to be much luckier in this saddle and doesn't give me a grouchy look anymore when I saddle or un-saddle it. It' convenient for me and the stapes don't strain my legs. Besides it is wonderful and the gold colour looks great on my forester.

She' s a colour quarters and fully caged. The saddle does not press or limit their motion. The saddle is mainly used for the trails, but I can use it easy if I show it. That saddle is great! This saddle was purchased about a year and a half ago. Well, I like this saddle. At first it's gorgeous.

So I got the gold bay with the upper front sight sitting down dark, with a dark pod on my saddle steamer looks very hot. Immediately I switched the Latin for genuine cowhide and added aluminium hangers and turns. It was really thick when it was new, but now it is a little flat and suits the horses perfectly.

Excellent workmanship and very comfy. Fantastic saddle!!!! That saddle is beautiful. Handcrafted and a great looking saddle overall. Mainly I am riding on the trails, and the difference this saddle has made to my horse is surreal. In between the flexible boom and the dual tackle it suits all my young, ripe, narrow, broad and highly wilted youngsters.

Except for paddling on the saddle sit, great with everything except paddling in the saddle sit; it's not even. Shipment was quick and I like everything else on the saddle.

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