15hh Horses for Sale

15h horses for sale

" Rolo" is a QH gelding measuring at 15hhh. You will find 15hh horses for sale in our category Horses & Ponies. 15hhh Horse for sale postings in South Africa! Look for Gumtree Free Classified Ads for the latest 15hh horse for sale listings and more. Quararter Horse Location: bullsbrook, WA $1,000 Firm.

15 hours horses for sale | horses & Ponys

Lovely Princess has been up for sale she has been my daugther pony for the last 4 years. my daugther was 12yr old a rookie rode when we got princess, has done fringe club, track riding she can get one all round also bareback likes to get great attentiveness around streets, automobiles, dog & other wildlife that are simple to trap, swim, legs love their nutrition very quietly would correspond to a broker to learn fellow travellers they very quickly riding on their very fun-foots.

To sell The Bess Bess is a 13 year old 15hhhh filly that is used as a workhorse to do just about anything with a good walking rider that can slice and round a cows. For sale is the following sorted equestrian equipment in a good used condition: - Hubertus nut, fully assembled hide, $200 - Euro hunting blanket for 15hh, $50 - $30 - small adults chap for 13-14h, $20 - other sorted bit and care products as shown, $10 each bit, make an estimate for the remainder Please do not hesistate to ask for moredetail.

Perfectly produced broodmare foal 15.3hhh, 3 shows last months for 3 Neighbourhood Champions and West European Champions. Managed very well and willing to burglary, she has a very big prosperous life, but unfortunately I don't have the timeframe for her, tough and unhappy selling.

Nice quartab-gelding, approx. 15hhh, 10 years old. It has a break in colour and an outstanding knowledge of the soil on the basis of the art of natural riding. He' s a devoted youngster who is always the first to welcome you, but he can be a little demanding and therefore needs an expert, friendly team.

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To sell Sadly, unforeseeable events force this very tough and heart-rending sale. Just-Maybelieve is a wonderful 15hh darkbrown filly. Unusually nice color hippopotamus with 2 x blued eye for rent or sharing. Gipsy age: 6 1/2 years Size: 15hhh sex: Broodmare My lovely filly is ready for.....

The Amber is for long-term loans, at least 3-5 years, possibly longer. Beautiful 15hhhh, 5 year old filly for part-/full loans. Held at home with another stallion, so he must not move. He was a fractured filly, but had free..... 3/15hhh 3 years old, which I recently broke into.

An old crushing truck for sale. Fits from 1 pm to 3 pm. It' a big old wagon that some horses have already broke into. It' great for the work because the stallion must..... 3-15hhh Welsh Dora she is fabulous to chop and is good in circulation she is bridle mouth at all time and is a fast-reacting drive she is a.....

A very well breeded, allegedly Lion King Valentino-line and old Peach-mares. From 2 to 15hh must be sure to have a reasonable and superb on the streets, we want an all-rounder so my girls can..... 15-hour eightyo chap s registrated filly Same home since birth, very kind and simple to handle Up to date with teeths and vaccinations Clean limbs, no clumps or unevenness,.....

They' d like to borrow upwards 15hh. have some unattached jumps on a 14.

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