16 Hand Horse for Sale

A 16-hand-horse for sale

Locally find 16 hands in horses and ponies for sale and rehabilitation in the UK and Ireland. 16'2 Irish Sports Horse Very sad sale due to university commitments Forged Able Diamond (Dee) is a 16'2 grey Irish sport horse mare. In our category Horses & Ponies you will find 16 hand displays. It' s with a heavy heart that the beautiful Phyllis is now for sale. Giant 17-handed 5 year old TB mare, who is ready to start her new career off piste.

16- 16.3 sales horse hand

19 year old darkbrown sport horse filly 2 hours old. 3hhh ascending 7-year-old unfractured weather bys recorded cheeky sweet chestnuts.... 1 hour darkbrown 19 year old ex BElseitigkeitstute. Granit is a very pretty, fleabitten 16hhhh 13 year old thoroughbreed..... 15 year old brown gelding, ascending 2hh: Baron de Chantepie (selle....

1hhh recorded STAGBI 12 year old gem. SARAH: Sire: He is a STAGBI standard 16 hour chequered gelding with 9 years. That horse is very good.... This is a nice example of the old-fashioned breed of sport horses in Ireland. She is a very good Irishwoman with very good breed.

Nice Irish Sport Horse filly. has 1 hatchling and 1 hatchling ISH. A gifted sport horse gelding. A good -looking brown horse. 4 p.m. Irish Sport Horse Wallach.

Orthopaedic 16 - 16.3 Horses for Sale

3hhh nice ireland sporthorse from Limmerick. Sailing 1h h from Porsch out of a Crosstown Dancer Dam. 11 year old broodmares has produced some nice premium fillies. Breathtaking ID x TB 12-year-old filly with outstanding sires. This very well breeded filly.....

Allrounder from Horse Quest UK: Above 16hhh

That marvellous horse has seen and done everything, but still has a lot of vitality in him. Perfect grass route horse. Perfect grass route horse. He is a very gifted horse. An unadulterated and very real horse. Perfect grass route horse. He is a good, friendly young horse who has done a good work from the beginning of his schooling.

Which kind of horseman does the horse need? He has placed extensively in advanced (1.10 m) class show jumping horse classes. He has placed extensively in advanced (1.10 m) class show jumping horse classes. From now on he is prepared to take part in elementary (1. 10 m) class show jumping competitions for youngsters.

He has placed extensively in advanced (1.10 m) class show jumping horse classes. Which kind of horseman does the horse need? It is a very sorry sale because she is too big for me (I am 5.1 years old and she is taller than 3 years old was predicted).

17 points for BD beginners. Took a letter in horse and dog (23/07/15). It is a certified Ireland Sports Horse Registry (green passport). It has 9. 5 inch bones, making it perfect for use as a Hunter and/or PAD. Successful in the hand as a youngster, 3 years old and recently with victories and placements in competitions for young horses and hunters in Ireland.

Only a very hard sales choice. An exhilarating young horse that works well on the level with excellent, smooth, direct motion. It is a true eye-catcher, perfect combined with a breathtaking motion that catches the eyes of every rider. He' s ticking all the stalls to become a top show jumper/eventer/dressage horse.

Reasonable price for a horse of this caliber. He' one of the few ponies we have hand-picked for their talents and abilities. SHOULD CLICK HERE for other ponies currently for sale. 3-hand Gelding from 10 years. Being a Sport Horse agent, we provide a tailor-made services for pro and hobby horse riding to help you find your horse.

Being a Sport Horse agent, we are able to tailor a horse riding experience for professionals and amateurs to help you find your horse. Therefore, as an agent, we can procure and supply high-quality, real equines that stand out in their selected area. At the moment we have a choice of high-quality, wonderfully bred 4-8 year old ponies for show jumpers and eventers as well as more seasoned 1. 30 - 1. 50 and CIC** / Intermediate breed.

In addition, we procure US huntsmen, riding and show jumping mares up to Grand Prix all over Great Britain and Europe. She' d make an excellent slayer. It needs to be taken further, now that it is ready to "polish" it, for this is why I will not be selling it to anyone who has no basic knowledge of horse production.

Though she is HOYS grade, I don't have enough interest in showing her off to promote her, so she can also find someone better for her. As I cannot guarantee her as a hunter/whip horse, I will not sell her to a hunter's lodge, as I do not want her to be resold.

Unlike the hunt, I have not done any other education to their jump wisely because of the lack of interest on my part, so be willing for someone to put their seal on it. The only interest I have is to give this horse a great home, because I think a lot of her, so I won't keep back any detail.

She is very sincere, likes her work and is ready to please at any moment. And if I don't take them away, I'll take their novices with me by the end of the year. Prospective top show / training / SJ perspective. Purchased as a 3 year old, meticulously manufactured and mature horse - a beautiful, unspoiled young horse.

This is a serious horse for someone you can have a good time on. This is a serious horse for someone you can have a good time on. Gonna be a serious horse for someone you can have a good time on. Ranked twice in the four-year Hartpury Young Horse Show Class. FOR AN EXTREMELY SAD SALE. 16.

1 hour ca. 6y. brown Gelding by Simply Tino, by the beautiful youngster Sambertino out of a TB mammare. Much more than 90 now and will continue to be a top quality grassroot horse in the future. A very clever training, would join easy and go far, VERY sincere and real leap - never ends, only ever verd.

Becomes top end top end horse / grass-roots horse with a little more running performance. Has a good, daring leap not staggered by filler, fat and forward XC (including waters and ditches), smooth, fluent steps for the test, ride a beautiful test. A reasonable price for a horse of such qualitiy! A reasonable price for a horse of such qualitiy!

He finds it very simple to leap with a textbook technology, which makes things easier for his horseman. A reasonable price for a horse of such qualitiy!

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