16h Cob for Sale

A 16h Cob for sale

The PAYNE FARM BIG JOE QH gelding 9 years 16H One of the best horses you will ever ride. "Cash" 2012 16h Fuchs OTTB gelding. Locally find 16h horses in horses and ponies for sale and rehabilitation in the UK and Ireland. Horse Trail for sale, Charlie, $5,000, Gelding, Black, Age: 17, 16H, 1500 lbs, Can. "The 2008 16h Friesian Cross gelding "Cash" has a beautiful black coat and is ready to go hunting.

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I can' t say enough positives about the selection, checking, buying and horse back ride of these beautifulorses. You came to the USA with a lot of talents from Holland and have developed into astonishing sportsmen. Being an amateur horsewoman, who does most of my practice alone, except for exhibitions and casual classes, I needed Top Performing Young Horse, which were healthy and well.

Relying on the expertise and relationships I have with Helene Jones to find 3 stunning horses. When I was a young horse, I had the feeling that they all got off to a good start. To be honest, I couldn't find these qualities in youngsters in the USA at the prices I was willing to pay.

You were probably half the price of a similar stallion in the USA, and that involved checking, importing and everything else. Roentgen's photos of the animals were taken. When I was sure that the stallion was not suitable for me, I could simply resell it and get my money back.

After all, I like to ride, train and show everyone one of my top-beats. Win, have fun and fall in love with these astonishing animals. The Helene is an absolutely jewel for every mare we have bought with them. They are exactly what we were expecting and the client services are the best in the world.

Purchasing an unsighted stallion is a huge jump in belief and there are so many things that can go wrong. Herene and her partner are fair and honest - they don't use any trick ery or smart videocass. Your ponies are of the highest qualitiy at the best price they can find.

He' here to help us solve our problems 24/7. You will get the right steed, or rather the right one. Helene has been in permanent touch since I purchased my stallion a few years ago. It wants to get an update, it wants me to be lucky, and above all it really takes care of its wellbeing.

She has fully committed herself to the equestrian community and her entrepreneurial approach is an example of ethics. She has found me a very courageous and self-confident youngster. There is no better way to be satisfied with our first import experiences with a single equine. So we took a step of trust and purchased from a tape because Helene felt so at ease with our choices.

It provides true information from its affiliates about each and every sale and the sales tapes are new and not edit. She is very proffesional and sincere and answers fast to all questions. So we had our coaching conversation with Helene to make sure this would be a good game for our little one and asked for another tape of a younger horseback rider.

Your successor is excellent and our steed came to Los Angeles without hiccups! In any case, we would suggest it if you consider the import. I' ve known Helene for over 10 years. and now she's been helping me find a perfect stallion for my kid.

It was very approachable, sincere and exhaustive in its descriptive of the horses we purchased. I' d strongly advise her and TopHorses. When I was burnt by a poor foreign life I hesitated to buy through a friend I had never worked with before, but Helene was exactly what I needed to be safe again.

I have never felt so good with a salesman as I did with Helene. It provided unending assistance, immediate answers to my queries and made the whole import procedure seamless, even with my reservation to buy a videograph. You know how many songs have to come together to make it a hit if you've ever brought it in alone, but you don't have to do anything with Helene!

If you are looking for a show starter or a show associate, Helene will find the right one. Thank you and your HorseLLC staff for the great experiences in choosing and buying a stable from your European networks. We were the first customers to appreciate your endurance when we looked at and assessed several of our young Hunter/Jumper until we found a good pair.

CHIVAVAS 57 (AKA Casey) has managed the transportation from Germany well and has become well accustomed among the sports ponies in the stable. It' s been a pleasure to be in touch with a Horse Flights agent while Casey was in quarantine and to have a Horse Flights agent at the pickup.

He is the best of my dream and he is the best of them. The import via Helene was a good experiment. It was a little nerve-wracking to think of purchasing a single one. When Ezra got there, he was all Helene said. I' m just overwhelmed by the calibre of this one.

If you are interested in the import of ponies, I suggest you visit Helene, she will certainly find your perfect one. It was my first trip to Europe in the quest for six ponies for customers and myself. Hélène and her co-workers were by far the best agents I've been with.

It made me uncomfortable because I knew Helene was monitoring the whole importerxperience. Friggy not only arrived safely and well supplied, she was also exactly what Helene had portrayed for me. You do a thorough work in describing your ponies, answering all your illuminated queries thoroughly. It makes the sale of your equine equipment pleasant, so that you enjoy a secure and pleasant time.

Many thanks to Top and Helene for having found this piece of jewellery for me at a special prize! Recently I bought a Helene from her. I bought the right mare exactly as she described it and more! Not only do I advise Helene to have a great look for those animals she can't work with anymore!

Both as a competitive athlete and as a dieby pony he has had great succes. Hello, my name is Emily and in July 2015 I bought back a six-year-old Holsteiner, her jumping filly, from Helene von Spitzenpferden. First I was concerned to buy a videotape of a stallion unnoticed.

But, to be frank about the value of the mare I got from Helene, you can't see that in the States you either have to get an older mare that isn't so good or a younger one that isn't used. I was able to get a young stallion with top quality foals, with astonishing blood lines and a beautiful exterior and a lovely character at the same cost as some older stallions with a problem in the States.

She is a very good person and I would fully suggest you buy a stable from her because you are definitely good value for money and the services you earn by purchasing a stable from her her are astonishing by far and I have been importing European horses with others or directly with the breeder and I wish I had only purchased the she had.

I am amazed and my mare is actually better than described in the video and in her descriptions. Everyone will love her and she will be incredible. I' m so lucky that I decided to get my own top quality equine because she is certainly a top equine. She was so kind to her that I felt that every single one of the questions I had to ask wasn't dumb or inconsequential.

And I can't get my hopes up buying more of her''s ponies once I get the moneys. When you are looking for a stallion, no other top stallion is the right place to get your next one! I' d like to suggest Helene and Top Hors LLC for the next buy of your next equine.

Over the years we have been importing many of our own and working with Helene has been incredibly simple! To be able to buy a videotape and picture and not be able to go abroad to try it means that you have to rely on what you are given, and we have exactly the victor!

We have been informed about the sporting abilities up to the personalities of the equine. She has taken the necessary amount of patience during the sale, the imports, the quarantines and also after the arrival of the animal on our yard. She' s taking care of the ponies she is selling, and it was good that she got in touch with us afterwards to see how things were going.

Our relation with Helene and Top Hors LLC does not end after the sale of your equine, it only begins! We' ve had some good fortune with our ponies in the past, so I was determined to get a young mare that was simple enough for an hobby rider to have a''stupid'' mindset AND a neat, tidy test.

We had already examined ponies in the USA, Canada and abroad in Europe before we came to the one Helene had found and nothing worked. So I' ve never approached Helene's ponies before, but that was clearly a flaw.

A few workdays later, after she told her what I liked best about the few she sent, she returned with what was to become my stallion. Depending on your ages, your movements and your race, your height and control, the horses have ticked every checkbox AND we have called under our maximum budgets, inclusive of control and touring.

He was there for all my fears of flying when my steed came in and to help me find answers to my many of his breeding list issues, which I should give him after many trips. After the sale she was also very supportive and wants to know how things will go on with us, to give answers to all my doubts.

Frankly, I was willing to give up until we found Helene, who found us a steed and brought him home in less than 3 week after our first meeting. We had him less than a months ago, but every trip is a pleasure and he is the young verdant pony to whom you can entrust an ham with a great skull.

Thanks Helene, you found my incredible little monster! Can' t thank Helene enough for having helped me find my perfect mare. Recently I bought Ivo B a 4 yo Dutch Warmblood and could not be more content with his qualities, his personalities and his shallow work for such a youngster.

Didn't know the import of a hippopotamus could be so simple! You always have a large choice and always find new ponies. It' a great shopping trip. Since we are interested in the purchase of a young stallion, a good old man of ours suggested that we check out Helene's website. For a while we rummaged through some very beautiful ponies before we chose one that hopefully would work for us.

At the time the horses were examined, every little thing was taken to us on the telephone and we felt almost as if we were there. Describing a particular musculature on the saddle was exactly what Helene described at the Ho Ho Ho encounter. This makes the purchase of horses so simple that you always want to buy more!

This is one of the highest class stallions we have ever had. While I was an imbecile looking for a stable that was sure with a great temper and a good mind, Helene was there. I' ve been on the fair for a youngster who had already been educated and at least 6 years old.

However, when a nearly 4 year old showed up, Helene reassured me that his temper was exactly what I was looking for and that he would be easily brought along with my trainer supervisor. We are proud of the stallions we sell and take great care of our customers - professional and amateur alike.

You will not be dissapointed if you use TopHorses for your next imports. Helene and TopHorses, LLC cannot be overrecommended. I had a wounded stallion just before Florida and I had to buy one right away. Helene I phoned and she suggested a steed under the money. I' ve never purchased a video mare before, but I haven't had enough to go to Europe.

He is astonishing and has surpassed my expectation in every respect. She was a vision, and I'll buy another one soon. In June 2017 I bought Murphy from Helene and Top Horses. It has the motion and the canter and the leap and the strength to reach the top in every kind of sports, but certainly also as an eventshorses!

I' d like to thank Helene for my'unicorn'. Buying a stable on the web is a dangerous undertaking. But Helene's deal turned out to be seamless, clear and of great value to me. Equestrianism is unbeatable and nothing can be done incorrectly at these rates.

It was also very approachable when my mare came and assisted me with everything I asked of her. This is a truly unparalleled equestrian shopping adventure with Helene. Helene, I can't thank you enough for getting me the perfect dream steed! That was only my second sale of horses and my first videos.

And I knew that the promoted ponies were gifted and of high qualitiy, but how would he really be? Thanks Helene Jones for our unbelievable top horse, Gracias CA. There will be more Top Horse! Thanks, Helene, for getting me my pretty Finn.

He is such a charming and we are so lucky to have him as part of the MDM Equestrian Group team. I was the first one to import Belanca and to say that I was satisfied is an overstatement. While I was worried about buying a demo of one of my horses, Helene and my coach, Shanon Bejrano (Fairwin Farm, Sarasota, FL) worked together to find the right one.

I look forward to the next TopHorse when I can work with Helene again to bring in my next TopHorse. When Helene bought my filly I could not have wished for a better result! She' everything Helene said she would do and more. I' ve been looking for something to get back into form in the 1. 30m, but this filly will be much more than a training rider - she will be a 1. 40m STM!

Can' t suggest TopHorses to find your next match! Helene, I am a writer to say how lucky I am to have found such great mounts through TopHorse. About a year ago I brought in my two ponies and I can't be luckier with them. It was the first that I had the thought of introducing a page about my equestrian work without being seen.

He was very useful when we were talking about my equestrian objectives and my needs. Many of the stallions had x-rays and good pre-purchase examinations. Practically, I wanted to make sure the stallion had a new veterinarian track and that he was fun and amateur-friendly so that he could be sold if he didn't match exactly what I was looking for.

Being an older hobbyist, I have the feeling that I am at a point in my career where I don't want to spend much of my free day bringing the stallion to a competetive state. I just want to go out to gain. I' m working with coaches, but I also do a great deal on my own, so the ponies had to be gifted and well-trained.

They both had a good foundation and some tournament experiences in Europe. It pleased me that Helene and her associate knew about the temper of the equestrian to give advice on the best equine for my equestrianism. They were both very enterprising and quickly got used to my training routines. It astonished me to show both of them within a few months of the import.

I would like to thank Helene Jones for having found us Caleto and Hasko! Those are unbelievable dressage cats. Thanks Helene for your unshakable dedication, your endurance and your sincerity! At the beginning of the year, when I turned to Helene to find a new stable, I was looking for a monster.

Every time a stumbled on her way, which corresponded to my parametres, she sent him to me with her opinions and insights; always sincere and open. About some of the marketed ponies she says: "She did her best. If you' re considering importing, I wouldn't use anyone else.

Thanks, Helene, for your work and your pro. I' ve been importing a lot of ponies from Germany, Holland, Spain and even Brazil, but my Top Hooves, LLC was the simplest one I've had so far. While I wasn't even looking for a stallion, I knew I would be looking for a 17+ handed EQ/jumper in the near term.

Seeing Caprio was all I had imagined and I knew I had to have him even though I hadn't yet bought my present one. Communications and letters with Helene were always fast and she replied to every query I had. New radiographs had just been taken and I had them sent immediately to my veterinarian who said he had never seen such perfection on a horses before.

That would be a mare that my daugther would probably be inheriting next year when she grew out of her present mare, so it was very important that the temper and riding ability were such that he would give her faith and give her lessons.... a mare that she could rely on, and I could rely on her, and Helene reassured me that it would be him.

So I was a little worried that I wouldn't be here during the shipment or that I would see Caprio when he got there, but by some sort of magic Helene could get him on a plane within a few nights and he was in my shed before I even went on my journey!

I' m used to getting the horses on the airplane in Amsterdam and after that I coordinate the isolation myself. So I was not prepared for the services that would take my stallion all the way until he had moved into his stable at home. Most Horses, LLC uses horses from horsey flight, where my mare essentially had a handler who kept in touch with me throughout the entire procedure.

I' d already phoned Schleppern and tried to collect him for his launch date, but HRSE FLIGHT had even taken it! Your stallion can be rotten, so Caprio is a fresh diversion for you. If you can rely on a stable it only makes the relationship strong.

Recently I had the joy of working with Helene when I was looking for a new one. So we bought a Frodo from Helene so that my daughter could be promoted to the juniors. He' is a high class mare that she found in Europe and that made it much simpler for us to try out here in Kansas.

Heaven and Debbie Morrison have worked very harshly to help me bring this horseman and the youngster together. Many thanks for your hardwork and commitment in putting together top class rides with aspiring youngsters! She and her girlfriend were listening to our needs and relentlessly searching for the ideal mate.

It was my first international purchase of photographs and video. We' ll use Top Horses again for our shopping. Can' t think of the words to thank Helene Jones for joining me with Hernandez.... the ideal steed for me. I' m an grown-up, non-professional equestrian with a limited financial means and have in the past spend most of my budgets travelling and trying out animals.

And I knew there was a better way, so I ran into Helene Jones. There was a stallion she had set up, so I asked her. As I swayed back and forth in search of another stable, I valued her sincerity with every single one we talked about and her endurance. Though I never would have thought of such a youngster, I knew that I could fully train the youngster and with Helene self-confidently recommending the character and spirit of the stallion I went on with the acquisition, which was by far the one I have ever made, and I sense that much of this is due to Helene's instant communications and patient response to issues that have guided me through the trial.

Satisfied with the Top Horses overall riding experiences. Helene made the whole thing simple from beginning to end. I would definitely go through Top Horses again in the nearhood. Can' t say enough about Helene Jones and Top Hors LLC. Now I have an astonishing stallion with skills that exceed my expectation.

I also wanted my stallion to be "in my pocket" again and my hopes were exceeded. I' ve never thought about buying a imported equine until I found Top Hors LLC. Wounded up in my mind I was looking at a hundred pillars of horseback and nothing could come near what I saw on their side and in their pillars, so I took a jump of confidence!

There was a health problem during the transportation that brought my mare to Canada and Helene and her crew were on top! If I think back to the ponies in my lifetime, I owe my favourite and most important ponies to heroes and top-persons. The import of a stallion with Helene can only be described as simple and stress-free.

All is so in advance and you can ensure that the animal you get will be everything you thought it would be or more. You' ve helped me advance my careers and have given our pupils astonishing adventures.

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