16hh Horse free to good home

16hhh horse free to good home

Find 16hh horse for sale in our category Horses & Ponies. Look at horses free to good houses, browse our selection of horses that are only free to good houses. Please visit our Adopt and Rescue pages to learn more about the rescue horses and our adoption process. It would fit a good amateur rider who would be able to bring a horse with him or would be willing to send her for training. Could you give one of our horses a second chance?

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h 16hh - 16.3 Hh horse for sell

2: Beautiful fox mares at the age of 9 years, who is a Knabstrupper mares, who is really healthy and never ill or sad. Very good legs, good bones...... Great in traffics, Hack Loads etc. 6: A beautiful black-red-brown Anglo-Arab fillial, bred in March 2018, has fantastic blood lines, she is by the international certified Arabian colt Saudee and out of the.....

7: 11 year old cove T Bre Wallace at the back of an Injun. 8: Homemade broodmare by Bartender out of TB, homemade. 10: Ruben is 16h.h. 7yrs old Irishman Sporthorsegeld.

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Dressur pferde for sell

When you have a horse for purchase, you can place it here for only 5 until purchase - no timeout and you can change the ad yourself at any moment. Seventeen of our ponies were entered in this group. The heartbreaking selling of my horse of a life. She' s incredibly cute and loving, so home is more important than anything else.

and she' ll be cuddling all the time. 100 percent clips, shoes, muzzle, etc. Bridle lip at any time and never bubbling or powerful, just pleasure and pleasure! Love her work! To do well in every respect - boxes, clips, shoes. Beautiful, gifted young horse. He' s working at home with the psychic.

Likes to jump & jump 100cm light. Got great lines like Solitair, Voltaire, Libero H & Landgraf I bargain prize for this gifted young horse, but negotiated home as a very sorry sell. It is a reasonable mince, good in use, and unbelievably simple to maintain. It would fit either an expert horseman or an enthusiast.

2-hour medium body mass, old-fashioned Hannover style, since 7 years in the possession of a small queen, simple horse with which one can handle both in the stables and outside. Dressing up to beginners, jumping and jumping, astonishing hacking, not windy or accustomed to intense use. Sorry to sell, but with not much spare to get out to the shows, I made a painful choice to put them up for selling.

An affectionate, unique home, looking for a affectionate, soft youngster. Side work well entrenched - would be a breathtaking horse for training. Well, he chops and leaps around railings, but he' s good at training. Quotations in the £3550-4000 house area is of paramount importance as the sales is no mistake of his own and he will be highly missing.

High quality horse that works with easiness at primary school wins over 70%. It is a cute horse, which was always good in the stables, with blacksmith, to clamp, capture etc., unusual in the intercourse. It'?s a very sorry sell because of the very big horseman. From Spain to our British establishments to be used as show, jumping and showdresses.

Until then the horse had lived most of its lives on privately owned pastures and had worked only slightly on the longe line. Having worked with him for some considerable period, we began to recognise his great talent and agreed to take him to our UK centres to find him a great home in the UK as a possible horse for riding.

They are prepared to begin the next stage of their lives in order to complete a vocational education in order to reach their full potentials. A very well -trained horse, he has proved that he can do everything that is required of him... He has very flat and powerful steps that are both front and back actively and is easily to stick, manage, shoes and strain.

In spite of his old age and his sluggish pace, he was able to grow up correctly so that he is unspoilt, with his legs straight and prepared for workouts. The horse is a true jewel, an honourable nobleman with many possibilities, who only looks for the 5-star house that can help him.

The loving housebreeder of the sire Access Travel is a gifted all-rounder who likes to play horse-riding. She' s a smart horse who likes her job and is willing to move on. She' s used to driving, tractor, quad bike and pheasant. Splendid with blacksmith, veterinarian, dental surgeon, easily caught, inserted, clipped, bathed and loaded and travel well in a truck or trailers.

It can be a little bit fragile at times when cared for during the seasons, but is usually very lucky and well educated in the shed. It is a loving, loving horse and a long-term home where she is beloved is my top priorities. Thirty one BD points, awarded for hacking and jumping around farming trips/fun trips all days, always riding in a bridle, working at home on basic levels, love to get, excellence to shoes, clips, bring in, turn out, catch, trip, bat.

Extreme heartbreaking sales for this very beloved familiy boyfriend. Home based workout media, Regionals qualifies for Novice Freestyle with 73%. An absolute bargain for this superbly ascending 7-year-old KWPN Gelding to sell as he has no driver. Retired at the age of 5 and turned away for the cold season, he was able to be taught mental and physical, then chopped last summers and taught at home in the field paddocks around the ranch.

It is a family-friendly horse, but now it needs more than we can provide here on the estate. Note that it has been out of service since Sept. 24/7, so it is being discarded and resold disabled, prepared for someone to get it back to work, prepared for this saison.

It' s with great sadness that this little horse is now on the open road to be sold. A young, ambitioned horse jumper is either good for show-jumping, although there is a lack of riding skills, as has been the case with training at a horse farm in recent years. Spirits and free strains of jumpers. Conditions for this sales, the right house is of paramount importance.

The horse is unique and should not be overlooked. Prospective purchasers are checked when they ride, before they sit down on this small horse, they also need credentials. Clear around jumping over containers of bottled running and fillings aboard abound valiant filly with good boxing good horse shoes good transport tie She was abandoned to ripen, so had a filly last year and now pushed back and cleared away.

Great horse you shouldn't miss! It' s on and mighty, without being hot, and is unfortunately only for selling because of the move. Excellent pony brochure for youngsters. They hack themselves out, and they jump also gladly at home up to 1m high. She has both show jump and show jumper lines. An awesome Allrounder, WHP for the years to come, a really great young man, ready to try anything!

Last year, a very thrilling life for this little man, who loves to launder, shoes and loads humans, had a small stripe of hairdryer taken off his shoulders, which he knew about very well and which is well suited to stop at a show on a truck. This is a very particular home variety for this crackling horse, many more images available, affordable home more important.

Breathtaking and gifted horse with great climbing ability and tremendous live. He' s squandered at the time when he likes it and has to work - he lives from learning new moves and has an outstanding training time. Since we are an events farm, we don't go into training often enough.

He' s a big, smooth guy who likes to pay close attention. Come on. He' s a gifted and willinggeld. It is a sorry sell and is cheap as it has some minor changes to its hocks, which means that it will not consist of a 5-step veterinarian. Snaffle Mouth 3 Lovely Paces Great Attitude Fantastic Breeding Orlando is a top class horse with the right spirit and training ability.

It' a beautiful horse stamping. Was cut this season and is good to wear shoes and is a pup in the shed. Really enchanting horse, willing to offer a lot of pleasure and prospective succes. Ideal empty screen for someone who is looking for a young talent, who has serious requests, please only as a very sorry sales.

a 5* house is necessary. The Voltan is a really great horse, a sensible spirit, but not stupid like that. It has a beautiful character, is very fast and very easy to learn. Their mother was from Ferro, a former member of the Netherlands Olympia-Dressurteam. Just go to our page Offer horse for sales and fill in the data of your horse.

As you can see here, you can even add a photograph with your sales ad. If you are advertising your horse, please generate a user name and passcode that you will use on our new "Change Advertising" page.

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