17 Inch Western Saddle for Sale

16-inch Western Saddle for sale

Beautiful light oil Rocking R Western Show saddle set for sale in perfect condition. 17' black wintec western saddle, do you believe it is half-qh bars. Excellent condition 15 inch Marlene McRae flex tree barrel saddle. One of our handmade Shane's H/V calf saddles. These are 17-inchers.

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We proudly present a wide range of NEW and USED calipers for sale. We' re doing our best to adapt you to a saddle you feel well in. Westerns, English, Pony, Aussie and Endurance. and High Horse Seats. We are authorised dealer of Circle Y, Tucker and High Horse Seat. Each saddle has a number.

When you see a saddle that you like and is not near you, we will be pleased to send it for you. 16-inch working saddle. Smooth fit. Beautiful broad bottom bracket kit. Prepare to abseil! Very beautiful Circle Y Park & Trail with 15 inch leather seats. Absolutely healthy and prepared to go on the slopes!

15-inch Circle Y Martha Josey running saddle. Suedeleather seats. Awesome form! 16-inch Circle Y Park and Trail saddle. It is a very beautiful saddle, willing to go on the trail! 56-inch bay Vintec saddle. 15-inch Bighorn Pioneer saddle. 16-inch saddle from Dakota Saddlery.

The Dakota saddle is made in the USA. It is an older saddle that is solid and rideable! Round Y Blade Saddle. 17-inch fit. 16-inch Circle Y High Hors Lockhart head. suedeleather seated corduroy and genuine leathers. The BEAUTIFUL Circle Y Equitation/Show saddle. 16-inch-sit. Sterling steel that has not started and is in perfect condition!

That' a well-groomed saddle! 17-inch Dakota branded pennant. The Dakota saddle is made in the USA. The Dakota fork saddle A. 17-inch fit. 5-inch cantele. Beautiful saddle, that' s prepared for a work! One of our handcrafted Shane's H/V calf-saddle. These are 17-inchers.

The saddle has been oiled by an oil treatment to make the saddle smooth and light. The Shane's H/V cowhors saddle is a saddle developed for the variety of trimming, working and abseiling. The saddle has a low, safe bag in which you sit comfortably.

The saddle has been oiled by an oil treatment to make the saddle smooth and easy to shrink! It is a Circle Y Topeka Flex 2 saddle. Strung for your trailer mount. 4-inch cantele. Upholstered seating made of high-quality cowhide leathers. Smooth Tea Skin. Outstanding saddle from the USA.

16-inch-sit. Old quadratic rock saddle. Made in America. 5-inch Tex Tan flexible boom. Beautiful saddle for trails. 15-inch longhorn roping saddle. 16-inch Tex Tan Gresham pleasure/trail saddle. The mudguards and jockey are made of high quality genuine leathers. That saddle is like new. That little 14-inch Weaver saddle is like new.

They' re all leathers. Beautiful low buckskin seats ensure a safe drive. 15-inch running saddle from Dakota Sattlerei. It is a high class handcrafted saddle made in the USA. Earlier Tucker saddle version. 5-inch upholstered fit. Width of stirrup on the floor. Strung for your trailer mount. PLAZAMATIC PARK plazamatic park & trailer with an 18 inch seating!

Saddlery barrels saddle. It is a beautiful saddle made entirely of genuine cowhide and made in the USA. 15-inch-sit. Ideal for the trailer or the stadium. 15-inch Tex Tan Western Saddle. An older saddle that is in good form! The saddle is well maintained and fit for riding!

Beautiful Circle Y Park and Circle Y Saddle. 16-inch-sit. The saddle is in very good used state. 15-inch running or trailer saddle. Manufactured by Valley Head Leatherwork in Alabama. It is a beautiful, high-quality, hand-made saddle. 15-inch Blue Ridge running saddle. Beautiful, whole saddle made of USA leathers.

Prepare for the tracks or the stadium. The BEAUTIFUL BIGHORN Show Saddle. 16-inch leather booster cushion. Riding chair. It is a very comfy saddle with a large bag in the fit! The Hereford Tex Tan track. 16-inch-sit. It is a very nice saddle in very good state.

"for your trailer fixings. VIRTUALLY Dakota Manor Editor. This is a very beautiful saddle, which is operational! 15-inch plastic saddle from Saddle King. South Saddles Cut Saddle. Seventeen inch leather seats.

The saddle is equipped all around and has a great deal of hammer. The saddle is ideal for rodeos, queens, or even exhibitions. 16-inch American Saddlery running saddle. The saddle is used, but in good state. 16-inch American saddle, older saddle, very easy to handle and in very good used state.

16-inch saddle from Western Saddlery. Beautiful whole saddle of leathers. United States made and prepared to horseback riding. 15-inch Circle Y saddle. Soft Tea Leathers. Do it, horseback riding for fun or look good on the trails. Awesome form! 16-inch "All American" tightrope walker. The saddle is like new.

16-inch J Black handcrafted saddle. The saddle is mounted on a MULE-three. Beautiful form. Body horn corduroy and saddle case. 16-inch-sit. 16-inch-sit. 16-inch DAKOTA branded saddle. Beautiful full grain saddle, ideal for the trailer. County Y-saddle. Used, but in good condition. Ideal for show, fun or trails.

Soft Tea Leathers. Sattel King Stamina Saddle. Light weight leathers and corduroy. The saddle is made in the USA! 16-inch running saddle by American Saddlery. The saddle is riding and in very good used state. Rope saddle from Horse Mountain. 16-inch-sit. The saddle is from the USA and in top form!

Thick horn saddle model #102. 15-inch buckskin seats. Navajo printing saddle Bighorn Cordura/Leather Saddle Track. Thighhorn saddle model 101. 15-inch-sit. Upholstered buckskin seats and jockey. 16-inch-sit. Some used saddle. Difficult to find Tex Tan 14 inch saddle. The saddle is in very good used state. Wildleder with a high edge provides a safe feeling.

That' a beautiful work saddle! 17-inch Circle Y blade saddle on a Lonnie Morris boom. It is an older saddle in mint state. Shallow buckskin leather fit. 14-inch Weaver saddle. Prepare to be ridden. Permanent 17 inch saddle Fall. A lot of ropes and bands for your trailer fixings!

It' burglarized! 16-inch Circle Y show/joy saddle. Riding chair. It is a very neat, well maintained saddle. Saddlery Dakota Saddlery Flex Saddle. Beautiful and NEW! Saddlery Dakota Saddlery Flex Saddle. 5-inch cantele. 15-inch-sit. The oesophagus is 6 3/4 inch. Beautiful and neat Circle Y Park and Trail.

16-inch leathersuit. SHANE'S H/V SLIDING SADDLE, HANDCRAFTED 14. "5 "5" This is one of Shane's handcrafted H/V calipers. FQHB with a 14. 5-inch leather buckskin seats. 15-inch trailsaddle from Southern Harness and Leather in Duluth Georgia. Beautiful saddle of good workmanship. Prepare to be ridden.

This is a well-made western saddle from Billy Royal with a 15-inch riding saddle. It is a singular saddle of which only 50 are made. The Jesse Leary Pro-Line saddle. It'?s raoper stuff. 16-inch-sit. Beautiful, used saddle in perfect condition! Here is an 18 inch saddle made of Circle M Saddlery saddle color.

Suedeleather seats. Beautiful, used saddle. FQHB, 7 1/2 inch esophagus. FQHB, 7 1/2 inch esophagus. Royale King saddle. 16-inch-sit. It is a 15 inch saddle without mark, made entirely of running-sleather. 15-inch "all-round" saddle from Circle Y. Beautiful, solid and fit to be ridden. 15-inch saddle made of genuine cowhide.

Mild, plain skin. 15-inch US saddle. Very good workmanship, all made out of genuine leathers. 16 " western saddle of the Buford make. Awesome form. Ameon made all the saddles in leathers. Ideal for the rope pin or the trailer. imco Western saddle. 16-inch-sit. Wintec saddle in mint brown state. Beautiful US saddle kit.

The saddle is older, but in good state. 15-inch-sit. Elder Simco saddle in good state! 15-inch-sit. Beautiful saddle. 14-inch running saddle, made by Silver Oaks Sattlerei, USA. That saddle is an easily used one! Shane's H/V handcrafted running saddle with cycling hairstyle on zebra-print pad.

That saddle is hardly used. 15-inch Walk a few drums in this one or look "cool" on the trailer! Beautiful handcrafted saddle. This is Robertson Saddlery. An award-winning saddle of robust construction! Round Y NBHA running saddle. 15-inch high backrest for safety. With Circle Y chest neck.

The saddle had trophies wings and was changed. That'?s a beautiful saddle. 15-inch-sit. Ideal for trails or fun rides. Difficult to find 14 inch Bighorn Birdura saddle. That'?s a fine saddle. It is a Dakota rope saddle. 16-INCH. The Montana Silversmith saddle. Handcrafted Circle L saddle. Used American saddle.


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