2 Horse van for Sale

Sale of 2 horse carriages

This iconic, elegant STX horse case embodies elegance. Take a look at this amazing Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Euro-Van 2 Horse Horse Horse Trailer for sale in Pottstown USA! Dream Small horse suitcase with a Ford Transit cabin

Equi-Trek VISION ~ Small horse box from Equi-Trek, Ltd., UK horse trailers and trailers company. 15 years supply of TeamGBR - Bristish Olympics 2016. Best sold horse box in England and Europe. VISION is a 1-ton Ford Transit cab/chassis with a 3.7 V-6 petrol motor (diesel optional), 6-speed auto and air conditioning.

It' s 2 horse sideloader and back. Our standardmodel has a lot of comfort and conveniences for you and your horse to charge and drive off! Vision's Excel package contains many of the most beloved updates you should see below!

Phoenix Coach Works, two-horse van.

Featuring story and sprint on your heart, perhaps this is the ideal occasion to unveil and debate the Phoenix Sprinter Two-Horse Euro-Van. Recently added to our range, this two-horse van is not only small, fuel-efficient and classy, but also has an interesting story that adapts itself very well to the standards of craftsmanship that we at Phoenix Coach Works value.

In a nutshell, in 1926 the two companies fused to become Daimler-Benz AG and began manufacturing utility vehicles, lorries and buses under the name Mercedes Benz. In addition, the company was acquired by the US Freightliner Corporation in 1981 and you land with the Sprinter Van chassis launched in 1995.

Mercedes Benz 3500 standard Sprinter 3500 is available in 144" and 170" wheeled base versions and is supplied complete: Featuring this base as our base, we take the lead and end the work by building a roomy cab with a 10'x7' rearward-facing two-horse stable, a roomy 3'x7' tackle area, a 6' spring-supported side run, four 24" x30" top-hung and two 24 " x30" sliding side hung sashes.

Remember that, as with all our designs, you always have the opportunity to customise your Phoenix Two Horse Van. Should you have any queries about our service or product (toy tractors, 4 horse trailer, 6 horse trailer, Phoenix Sprinter 2 Horse Van or closed trailer), please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales department to arrange a meeting.

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