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Number of horses: 2

Turnbow 1998 4 horse head 2-head aluminum trailer. The Exiss Sport 2H straight load bumper pull aluminum 2006 model horse trailer. The Two Horses is a stable of creativity for lifestyle jewellery. Third horse is sick.

2 horses x 2x

In addition to large commercial verhicles, STX Horseboxes also manufactures small two-horse van models that only need a driver's licence type B1. Engineered, researched and approved by Stephex, these STX 2 Horses transporters are constructed on a Renault Master or Opel Movano frame and are available with either twin or twin cabs for three or five passengers.

Delivery trucks are fitted with seat covers in cowhide, electrical window, GPS, Bluetooth, GPS, MP3, Bluetooth, radio/CD players, automatic/handheld devices and centre lock. Of course, the focus is on the horses' security and comfort: elastic floors, temperatures, fan, LEDs and mounting chain are just some of the characteristics of the STX 2 Horses series.

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The Two Horses was founded by the charming Cedar of Complex Mag. For Kevin Murphy's blogs we were featured as an interviewee. Browse the great Liv Soibelman interviews below or view the full interviews on her website. Two Horses was ranked among the top 5 in the following category in the yearly Best of Montreal edition of Cult Magazine:

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Two horses are dying of Botulismus during rescuing in Nova Scotia.

This eight-year-old filly from Integrity's Haven Equine Rescue Center Society in Chester Basin, N.S., is biting the grass but cannot keep it in her mouths. Nevertheless, the center proprietor, Angela Welburn, said that coconut trials were a hopeful indication. "Welburn said, if she wants to do battle, I will do battle for her."

coco was found to have been botulistic last weekend, welburn said. Another two horses in the center - Freedom, 29, and Dakota, 12, - were killed on Wednesday and Friday respectively. Horses got sick after having eaten polluted straw, Welburn said. The only thing I can do is say prayers and hope," Welburn said.

" There are old, ill and healty horses in the center that need a home. The American Association of Equine Practitioners says horse fetulism is a "progressive, debilitating illness that kills 80-100% of affected horses. "It is not infectious, but can be combated by consuming foods polluted with a toxic substance of Clostridium toxulinum bacterium.

Dr. Megan Crouse, an equine vet at South Shore Veterinary Hospital in Wileville, N.S., said she sees cases of hippobotulism appear every year or two. However, the federation states that not too many horses are affected by the illness. Often colics can appear as a symptom - this is what Welburn thought the initial symptom was.

She said Welburn was amazed to find that the disease was probably due to polluted hey. Said she had previously thought that botulism only posed a hazard when fed mainly grass that contained more humidity at harvest than grass. "To all the folks out there who thought like me, if you fed dried straw, you're sure - you're not," Welburn said.

Cause Crouse said botulism's a possible hazard in hey. "It is more common to see in incorrectly packed or canned straw or grain what we see most often, but it can also be when a carcase or solid has also been bundled in dried straw.

" As Welburn observed, her Freedom died of the sickness. Said that a P.E.I. vet, who had already had experiences with Botulismus in the USA, made the diagnostic. She' ll have to keep an eye on all the other horses until 2 July to make sure they' re not ill.

Both Koko and Dakota were given an anti-dote. Another fourteen horses were given a Charcoallacebo. She said that if one of her other horses started showing signs, she would try to get the cure - what she said was $1,500 per dosage. There' s a vaccine against botulism, but Welburn said she was informed two years ago by a veterinarian - when Nova Scotia was faced with a lack of grass and Welburn was going to be feeding her horses with straw - that it would be too costly for all her horses to take pictures.

Friday, Welburn learnt that the vaccine is about $45. Every equine rider would need three laps in the first three month and then once a year. "I don't blame myself because I should have said how much is too much," Welburn said. "As the veterinarian said, I was wondering hundred of bucks a year.

" She now has about $15,000 in her veterinarian bill. "45 bucks a round would have my freedom, my Dakota and now I have Koko who dies of me," she said. And Welburn said she learnt a precious little lesson too tardy. That could have been avoided so easily," Welburn said.

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