2 year old Quarter Horses for Sale

2-Year-Old Quarter Horses for sale

AQHA Bay Roan Mare 2014, "Arrows Blue Fancy", Kind, Super Athletic, Speed, Rides well in the arena and out, LEO HANCOCK HAYES, MR EYE OPENER, 2014 Bay Roan Mare Arrows Blue Fancy, hat eine glänzende Zukunft. {/A6}2014 Grey AQHA Quarter Horse Filly & Dollar;2,800. 10-year-old quarter horse in Logan, UT.

The Australian Quarter Horses For Sale And At Stud has 11117 members. There are stallions, foals, yearlings, two-year-olds, three-year-olds and some ridden horses.

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Salty is always hoofed in the watertank - she is pretty and she knows it Iol. Horses give us so much rest and joy - they are simply astonishing beings! Once again many thanks to you and your whole team for these wonderful horses! "At this hour last year, my boy and I came down and purchased a foal for the yearlings.

In the course of a single working day there are between 4,500 - 6,000 horses and burros and between 20,000 and 30,000 population. Thanks for your help on this one. I' ll tell everyone I can about your horses! "We like our filly, we have a two year old and "Blue Valentine", his height and colour are ASTAZING.

Delanie & Mike, I could at last publish an updated for you about my beautiful little Hancock Velvet MA, now known as Arya. This is something you would never have expected from such a large and strong filly. Do you? And not to speak of the sweet and smooth nature she radiates, she will immediately fell in loving her.

Thanks again that this New York City based mare has made her dreams of having this filly come true! Dear Mike and Delanie, I wanted to give you an updated about Montoya Sierra's 2013 Chestnutut Foal. She is without a shadow of a doubt the most beautiful mare I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and I am proud to call her mine.

We were assisted at the farm when we acquired our filly and we are very happy that we chose Montoya Sierra's foals! Yours faithfully, Jessica F. Hey Mike and Delanie, we wanted to show you a photo of one of the fillys we got from you two years ago. That is Roan Bones/Miss Bee's 2012 Filly, (we call her Sage).

The two fillys are by far the best horses we have ever had. Mornin' Mike and Delanie, we're so lucky with your kid! I' ve got enough horses in practice to keep me occupied for up to 10 lessons a days and to be honest I only come to him two or three days a month.

I will soon be concentrating more on Wiley Badger MA, although the same father as Smokin Flint MA is a totally different one. Wonderful exterior. I' ve been in the equine industry for over 30 years and have founded several hundred youngsters. I' d like you to know that all three guys are not only handsome in build, but also some of the best brains I've worked with during my work!

I and my husbands are in agreement that we will buy all horses of the world from you and your extraordinary group! I will soon teach him the occidental pleasures, as I will show him this year together with my 5-year-old Galahad in holster class with the two of them.

I' m so in lover with my filly! Lovin' the breed that made this marvelous animal! Hello Mike & Delanie just wanted to show you a picture of our mare farm "Hank" Hancock O Redbone MA. No need to say I've never taken a new stallion so lightly. Besides, she has made friends with my 2 year old filly. No.

All I wanted to do was drop me a line and let you know what great horses the two fillys I got from you are! They' re both 4 years old this fall and I really like having them! So, I used to buy them as weaners at your bidding and buy them on-line, here they are 4 years later, and I like both.

They' re so fantastic, they' re beautiful broodmares, just what I was looking for, and I couldn't be any happier. You have both TON' TONE of the Constitution and they have come so far and have learnt so much in these 4 years it is truly awesome. Sure. She' s extremely clever, incredibly inquisitive, open-minded and kind, and the most courageous little girl I've ever known.

Mango " is the reddish bay with the gorgeous blazing face and out of a filly you said was the cutest you had. Because she' s the nicest, smoothest, cutest animal I ever had. No mean bones in the horse's trunk!

They both have totally opposite characters, but they are both one-of-a-kind and in their own way particular, and I just do! I' m not joking. They're so great. Just great horses!!!!!!! Thanks for the breed and the sale to me! and they' re exactly what I wanted.

I' ve been waiting and waiting to find my ideal Hancock horse and these two are for me (and they know it!). Some horses. "It is our MA child we really like! "Mark and Callie from North Carolina just wanted to see him grow last year.

"I' ve been working with Mike and Delanie for years and I've always been happy with the horses we got from them! âHere is a photo of our foal, Leos Thistle MA (aka: Sis), which we bought from MA Quarter Horses in November. She' s really gonna make a beautiful one!

Many thanks to MA Quarter Horses for bred these beautiful, calm and willing horses! âWe have purchased our foal for yearlings as weanlings from MA Quarter Horses! She has a big bone, a strong musculature, a great exterior and a great intellect. I' m recommending this farm if you're looking for your next workhorse!

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