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200 g horse blanket

Sires Tempest Original 200g Turnout Blanket £53.99. Tempest Original Shires 300g Combo Turnout Blanket.

When selecting a horse deck, what should you bear in mind?

Cooler temperatures mean it's a good idea to rethink your horse blanket coat for a while. Each horse is different, some are always hot and others are more vulnerable to chill. As we know from the wide range of carpets on the open air carpet markets that it can be hard to select the right carpet for your horse, we have put together a carpet guidebook to help you select the carpet that is best suited to your horse.

We' ve got every carpet you need, from a fleet, a regular barn rug to a heavy duty combination switch carpet. Each year, the brand takes it to the next stage when it comes to producing technological packed equestrian items that provide the best possible riding experience and styling for your horse.

WeatherBeeta introduced its product line to the market this year and there are also interesting Masta and Horseware brands. When selecting a horse deck, what should you bear in mind? It is important to know what your horse's body mass is. It is the different carpet thicknesses that will affect the horse and the heat.

Most carpet types are light, moderately heavy and heavy. Light carpets (less than 100g) usually have very little filling and are made for the humid months of summers to keep your horse warm and they are also useful for the passage from summers to autumn. Moderately heavy carpets (approx. 200g) ensure good heat for your horse and are perfect for non-cut foals.

Heavy carpets (from 300g) are the warmest and are perfectly suited for wintry conditions, cold-sensitive and clip-on ponies. Carpets are useful because they not only give extra heat, but are also thin and tight, which means they help keep your horse's fur out.

Nonwovens, bed linen and cool boxes are a must for your horse's cloakroom. These help to avoid your horse catching a cold after work, as their moisture-absorbing characteristics allow them to wick away humidity and keep your horsery. This makes them perfect for use when traveling or working shifts.

When using a non-woven as a coating, it is important that it is properly attached to avoid slippage and uncomfort. Carpets come in different types, from regular collars to combi-blankets and removable shells. These carpets offer the possibility of a full or full neckline and are perfect if you want to use the same carpet on your horse but would rather have a regular neckline on warm or arid workdays.

Removable carpets are usually joined with clip or hook and loop fasteners. Engineered to be carried in the fields, switch carpets have a watertight exterior. Sometimes they are carried by stallions who are known to lie in their dirt and stain themselves and their carpets. These carpets are conceived for the barn and do not have a watertight exterior shell.

The choice whether or not you choose a carpet can vary depending on a number of factors, such as your horse's race, his or her way of life, what you intend to do with your horse in cold conditions and the seriousness of the weathers. It may be necessary to wear a carpet for a horse that will survive the cold season.

We are much harder than we think, and when we are freezing, we may want to pep up our ponies, but sometimes it is really not necessary. Remember to think of red ponies, they create coat to keep them hot during the winters. In most cases a medium-heavy carpet is enough to keep a local or piston hot and sober without the danger of heating up.

Choosing a carpet is still important for a horse that only goes out for a single or even a few lessons a daily. In most cases, there are restrictions on winters pasture, which means that your horse spends more season in a warmer barn than outdoors in the element. In this sense, it is important to select a carpet that keeps your horse cosy and clean while keeping it from getting too wet and too wet (sometimes they like a good goat and canter when they are released in winter).

However, in very chilly conditions a heavy carpet would be a good choice if your horse would probably be spending more quality leisure in the fields than just being around or grazing, then a middle load could be enough. All of this will depend on your horse's behavior when he is on the pitch in cooler weathers.

They often shear the horse and pony to avoid sweating in the overwinter. Smaller and clippable competition riders tend to experience the coldness, so a heavy carpet should be used to keep them hot, and sometimes a blanket can be indispensable.

It' s very important that carpets are safely secured when laid on top of each other to avoid accident. Most of the times a horse or pony spends in a barn needs a suitable carpet to keep it from freezing. Carpet weights vary depending on the styles of your sheds.

In the case of open window outside stalls, a thinner carpet is necessary because the horse is more prominent, because the horse is warm in one stable, gets the warmth from other animals and has less ventilation when the front door is ajar.

Occasionally, a less expensive carpet is best, especially if the horse tends to destroy its carpets. investing in a good quaility rug might save in the long run you some money if you have a horse that will respect its rug as the qualtity means that it will last. We believe that the carpets they produce are built to last and have therefore launched a 3-year guarantee on WeatherBeeta switch carpets.

HRSEWARE Rambo carpets also come with a 3-year warranty. Designated as'D', the term is used to refer to the thickness of the shell and has no relation to the carpet thickness or heat. When your horse is known for tearing his carpet, it is best to select a carpet with a thicker outside.

Polyprofill - The inner padding used in most horse blankets. Provides outstanding heat without too much stress. Gusset - Gussets are more comfortable for the horse as they fit around the breast and shoulders. Please remember: you will never find a carpet that is sure not to tear, because any carpet that does not tear at all is not secure for your horse.

Torn carpet is much better than an aggrieved horse in an emergencies.

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