4 Inch Snaffle Bits

Snaffle Bits 4

Snaffle 4", 4.5", 4.75" $26.99 $23.95.

The mouthpieces are 4 1/2 or 4.25 inch. Low port copper muzzle curb bit with 4 1/2" muzzle. MYLER PONY THE TWISTED COMFORT SNAFFLE BIT. Locate snaffle pieces, Pelham pieces, Tom Thumbststücke, Kimberwick pieces & more.

Black Iron Snaffle Horse Bit 4 Inch

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4.5" Sweet Iron Curved Half Cheek Curved Iron Curved Half Cheek Touring Dog. Doubly sewn bangs completely with turned snaffle bite and rein. Snaffle drill with 4 1/2" twisting O-ring. Three part snaffle mouth"¾". Mund: 3 " three part Frensh comment. Bridles, headpiece, willow bite, curbside, collar bar and rein.

Black pony bridle. STAINLESS Steel Showman PONY or MINI Tom Thumb bit with 6" string. 4 " bent mouthpiece. It is a small set of teeth and one of the most commonly used bits for all types of occidental and British equestrian use. It' very gentle on the horse's muzzle.

Flower Twist Blood Twist Blood Boy Bones 4 1/2" 4-1/2" Metalab Santa Fe Collection Threepart cute, sturdy snaplee with central roll of brass. 5-1/2 " Cheek pieces with hand-engraved flower pattern and detached bottom ring, level 2. Doubly sewn bangs completely with turned snaffle bite and rein.

Snaffle drill with 4 1/2" twist O-ring. Semi-transparent. This technique is very sleek on the side of the throat. Ideal for your drive or horseback ride or minivan. Peppermint Tom Thumb Minis Little Thumb. Lovely hand-made minipony sized with 3-1/2 " bent double bowl with 6 " high-grade sheet metal cheek pieces.

Cupper Mouth Tom Thumb Pony Sized Bit Minis. 4-1/4" mouth Weaver leather pony ring snaffle. "2" O-ring with 3 1/2" mouth. Snaffle Bit 4-1/2" Pony Tom thumb cowboy mouth. "4 "4" kerb made of stainless steal with broad cheeks cavalry bit with drool stick. This bridle with roll of brass is convenient for most of your horse.

Neck: 4-1/2" bridle with brass roll. Thighs slightly longer than thumb and slightly twisted..... It was one of the pieces we had for the two horses I was raised with in the later 1950s. Gorgeous bridle with 2 " ring with silvery spots.

Mund: 3 ", 3 " or 4" sweety metal bridle with cup. "2 "2" braun steal with silvery spots. 6-in-1/2-inch Metalab Santa Fe Collection Pony Trims| Floral Trims| 287117| Pony correction bit| 4 1/2in| Pony correction bits. PONY Bit Showman stainless steal with engraving Silber & Conchos!

High-grade PSONY bits with fully carved 6 3/4" silvery string. Big shaped, carved silber conchoes on the string. Outstanding showbit that puts your bangs in the best show bands! Snaffle 3 " bridle mouths of ½ " Black. Snaffle: 3 ½". "5 "5 high-grade stainl. The Metalab Santa Fe Collection horse bite with Partrade 4 1/8 " 4 1/2" pistol and 4 1/8" pistol handmade and pistol motive with a classical ancient finishing.

Pony bit with pistols. Cheeks 4 1/2" with engraving in high-grade steal and gun motive. Snaffle 4 " three-part snaffle nozzle, 2" x 2 " ring sized ¾". Oral: 4 " 4 " three-part port. pony-checking bit. Corrective 4 1/2" nozzle with brass drums.

"6 "6" cheek pieces with ornamental flower strips and brass.

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