5 Gaited American Saddlebred for Sale

American Saddlebred 5 speed for sale

The saddle horses are a naturally bred breed. Five-speed saddle horse for sale He' got a lot of fun and he wants to please. He' s really superb superbly gifted and...

. He is a 15h, 6 year old, 5 speed, 5 speed, registered American saddle horses gelding. Good for the rider. She is a beautiful Golden Palomino (not registered) Rocky Mountain chestnut riding horse that has a powerful....

Conspicuous, intelligent and a smooth, crystal clear gait! Jazzy is a conspicuous dark rock and sweet and has always done so when it comes to the.... She' s just too cute. I PLEASE CONNECT YOU WITH US ON FACEBOOK To BE able TO SEE ALL THAT'S YOUR WONTIFUL VIDEO'S------ She's just too cute!

So please call and join us on Facebook to see his stunning videos---I like big sums and I like.....

Five Gaited Champagne stallion for sale.

He has an infectious personality and a breathtaking colour of sparkling wine. Personally, I don't think of myself as a saddle breeding coach, so if he goes to someone who knows what he's doing, up to and including the show education, I think he would be excellent. He becomes more relaxing with every trip with his slower pace and his bike racks.

At the front I shoed him with a lightweight barrel boot and a 1/2x1 at the back (without heel). He' s standing about 15.1 palms up and 100% healthy. It charges, clicks, stands to become steamed, standing to assemble, bath, etc..

North American saddle breeding for sale

Truly beautiful bay and White mares for sale 14 hand high 17 years old give or take. Only father DILUTE...Palomino, Buckskin, Smokey Blk, Cream etc. collect well, training ghost. Has .... Homozygous brood mares and whites, twice entered, by Reserve National Champion Ganghengst and out of a multinational National C.....

Homozygous, mostly charcoal mares, twice recorded. Father and mother national champion - both started to work.

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At the top with ten month of serious education and a two year old horse back from the saddle, easily recognizable due to the conditions of his owners, "Genius" is a new face for the showring. Good-looking, "forward going", this 5 seater full 5 seater is a good looking, but sophisticated enough for the 3 seater or parking division as well as many of the drivingdivisions.

It has the manner of a women's, men's or youth saddle stallion or racer, but was able to assert itself in the open class on most racetracks. Genius' great floor skills make him a favourite to work with. It is a very multifaceted steed for your horseman and/or your racer.

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