74 Inch Horse Blanket

74-inch horse blanket

Pet Supplies online shopping from a wide selection of blankets, sheets, horse blankets and sheets & more at great prices. 75 in. 75 in. 76 in.

78 in. 80 in. 81 in. 82 in. 84 in. 86 in. 88 in. 90 in. 92 in. Rugs. E.g. if you measure your horse and the measurement is 73 inches, add 1 and buy a 74-inch blanket. In general, an average horse is likely to measure between 74 and 78.

Wither VTEK Relief Turnout Blankets - Schneider's

Advance season sale New free delivery! The ArmorFlex® line of watertight soft ceilings that last a whole life is no problem for you! Advance season sale New free delivery! ArmorFlex® Challenger watertight soft covers provide the ideal shape for high withers or varying top lines, making them comfy throughout the year.

Advance season sale New free delivery! ArmorFlex®'s most rugged watertight rug withstands even the harshest grazing conditions. Our armour protects your horse in all weathers. Advance season sale New free delivery! Do you want our most rugged watertight blanket for your horse that plays harshly, and your horse has made it.

Advance season sale New free delivery! ArmorFlex® Challenger provides the speciality VTEK for your horse in a watertight soft blanket that withstands daily use. Advance season sale New free delivery! This is the ideal watertight soft blanket for your bangs or your horse with our Adjusta-Fit system for optimum adjustment.

VTEK® Wither Relief soft covers from Schneiders can be the answer when conventional horse rugs disturb your horse and scratch his high wither. Cutting-edge Schneider's horse rugs help prevent the horse's withers by lifting an erect shape of the horse's neck, exerting less strain on the horse's back, and prevent wear.

Schneider offers a large range of these kinds of VTEK Graphite Turnout Blankets at reasonable price, and they are shipped free of charge from an order value of $100. The VTEK® Wither relief turnout ceilings are equipped with a proprietary VTEK shower system that eliminates abrasion on high to medium Wither, extending 4 to 6 inch to the hub.

Three to five time more weatherproof than other competitor makes, these Schneider horse rugs are equipped with a proprietary Adjusta-Fit system that adapts the throat opening to any horse width. That means that Schneider's VTEK withers are suitable for thoroughbreds, warmbloods, appendices and the like for whom it can be hard to find a blanket.

As with all Schneiders horse rugs, these VTEK Wither Relief soft rugs are made of high-quality fabrics such as hardwearing rip-stop polyesters, nylons and polarfleece to keep your horse cosy and cosy while at the same time making you feel good on your horse's body. Their unbelievable impregnation makes them ideal for colder, rain or heavy snow conditions, and they can even be used as a way to keep your horse's fur from a big show.

The VTEK® Wither Relief turnout rugs are available in a range of appealing designs and colours to match the other rugs, and are available in a wide range of different dimensions, making them suitable for almost any high wilted horse.

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