76 Inch Horse Blanket

76-inch horse blanket

The Tough-1 Extreme 1680D Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket. Seventy-six in. 78 in. 80 in. 81 in.

82 in. 84 in. 86 in. 88 in. 90 in. 92 in. 94 in. 96 in. You will get an inch size. Machine-washable blanket. Remember that every horse is different and that this table is only a guide.

Jack's turnout rug Custom Colors 36'''.

Blanket is fully mechanical cleanable. Create your leaf with a large selection of decorative and personalised colours. Bodycolors: Burgundy, Black, Brown, Forest Green, Gold, Grey, Green, Navy, Violet, Red, Royal, Teal and White. Trimming colors: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Forest Green, Gold, Grey, Green, Light Blue, Navy, Neon Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal, Tan, Teal, White and Yellow.

Every blanket is made individually for you, whereby you can choose your own colour. It is IMPORTANT to return customer-specific ceilings. However we carry many marine species with forestry and these are reusable. Up to two week lead time for special colours. Jacks turnout covers run accurately from the middle of the breast to the middle of the tails.

Please note that only the Navy can be returned with Forest Trim.

sizing chart

Fitting your blanket is very important to keep your horse comfortable and to avoid slipping of the blanket. Since the same size of horse is available in different forms and dimensions at the withers, it makes sense to take certain measures of your horse. Take your measurement with a smooth scale from (A) in the middle of the breast, over the point of the shoulders and to the point (B) in the middle of the cock.

Once you have the measure, move 3 inch (7.63 cm) and select the horse height from the chart below. Remember that every horse is different and that this chart is only a guideline. There are many different designs for all forms and dimensions. Gladly we would like to supply you with a textile scale for your application.

There are three things that define the rough location of a ceiling:

There are three things that define the rough location of a ceiling: Breast-totail dimensions are useful for choosing a blanket from a manufacturer's area. A. The nape of the horse's head shall be taken entirely around the horse's throat before the withers, along the shoulders. The fall measurement shall be made from 12 inch behind the withers up to the required length to mask the sides of the horse.

Medium47-52 " Large52-56" X-Large54-60" XX-Large58-64" XXX-Large62-68" XXXX-Large66-72" Our rugs are statistically produced by horse breeders like you. Hug Closures allow you to move the throat a few centimeters (5-6 inches) so that measuring from breast to tale is much less sensitive when it comes to dimension. Either choose a blanket in your horse's custom sizes, or run a measuring belt over your horse and choose the best fitting.

The FA and FB models are perfect for Friesians. FB is perfect for normal friezes and FB for friezes with a bigger neck. The FA and FB horse are also suitable for many draught and draft-crosses. We can produce for very large (train) mounts in frame 92 (or even bigger frame 100).

Requires many month uptime and a min. quantity of 3 per unit of any type/colour to "cover" the manufacturing overhead. As an alternative, consider what a blanket made outside the US could possibly fetch (if you could find someone capable of making one). When your very big horse needs a big embrace, let us know!

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