A group of Horses is Called

One group of horses is called.

A " herd " is one of the collective terms for a group of horses. People and animal groups have some very interesting names. Group name, species name, classification. Collective term for horses is the word used to describe a group of horses. When a group of horses is called a herd and a group of geese is called a horde, what is a group of lambs called?

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Lion herd, crow killing, rhino accident and every other generic term for wildlife. Below is a record of every church I could find after searching the net. Notice: Wikipedia has a more comprehensive and scientific lists of name here. The other group of creatures you can consider is a bunch of women and a jolt of spouses.

A group of horses is called what?

It'?s a flock. The following is an example record. That cowboy worked the whole day with his horse-flock. So what's a group of pelicans called? So what's a group of tigers called? So what's a group of monkeys called? So what's a group of seamen called? A group of alligators, what do they call them?

How do you call a group of...?

Much of the following expressions are among the list of "right terms" from the fifteenth centuries, such as those in the book of St. Alban assigned to Dame Juliana Barnes (1486). A few are imaginative or amusing words that probably never had a genuine denomination, but were taken up by second-hand authors, in particular Joseph Strutt in Sports and Pastimes of England (1801).

You can find more information about the story of the terms and their origin here.

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Hello, I've looked through many different lexicons, but I'm still not sure what a group of outdoor horses is called. In my Hungarian-English lexicon it says "stud", but isn't it more of a horses? A further term I have found is "stable", but this term only applies to horses kept in a "house", doesn't it?

I always thought it was a group of horses. M-W' s record on "stud." Homicide of crow, swarm of flocks of sheep, swarm of fishs and... swarm of horses. So, you're both voting for "herd"? For me, a stable was either a colt or a kind of horsestead....

For me, a Gestüt is an individually designed and kept breed-horses. An enterprise dedicated to raising horses is a stable. At the end of his professional life, a winning racehorse can be "taken to the stables". And like the others, I would use "herd" for a group of horses.

"Herd' would certainly be the most frequent, although this may indicate that they are domestic horses. It'?s a horse show, all right! Thank you James! stud1. a. An institution where colts and broodmares are kept for the breed. Even the studs and broodmares stopped in such a company. Horses that have been raised by a single individual and belong to a single individual.

Several horses (especially racehorses or hunters) that belong to one owners. Many horses outdoors - without further information I would call them a flock.

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