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Shopping a huge selection of books, art and collectibles from independent sellers around the world. Find the lowest price for new, used books, textbooks, Abebooks.com books.

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ProductsFine art, books, collectors items, ephemera, used books, out-of-print books, rarely used books and schoolbooks, HomeBase 3. AbeBooks is a seven-domain international e-commerce platform that provides books, handicrafts and collections from vendors in over 50 different markets. As of the end of the 1990' and through 2005, AbeBooks had retailer contracts with eBay, Half.com, Barnes & Noble.com, BibliOZ.com and Amazon.com that enabled AbeBooks to commercialize and resell bookshops through these distribution platforms; these contracts were terminated in 2005.

Currently AbeBooks has only one Amazon.com contract. AbeBooks purchased JustBooks GmbH's on-line bookshop in Germany in 2001 and began expanding into the UK, France and Germany on-line bookshops. As of 2002, the foundation partner was taken over by the Ger-man medium enterprise Hubert Burda media. AbeBooks added new books to its range in 2004 and purchased the Spaniard firm IberLibro to better service the Spaniard linguistic world.

AbeBooks bought IberLibro.com in October 2004 and its holdings were incorporated into the AbeBooks data base in December 2006. During 2008, AbeBooks bought Chrislands in April, a business that hosted web sites for over 1000 booksellers[6], which was finally bought back in May 2013 to one of its initial founding members, Jaymes Sorbel.

In June 2008, AbeBooks also received the British Columbia Technology Industry Association Impact Award[7] for Leadership in Social Responsibility for its non-profit operations, alphabetization efforts and dedication to greening its businesses. The AbeBooks Channel Program was started in May 2010 to give our retailers the chance to sell their books on Amazon.com.

AbeBooks purchased ZVAB.com (de) in 2011 - a global rarity book store for Germany with professionals in 27 different markets selling used, second-hand, second-hand, antiquarian and out of stock books. Since October 2016, AbeBooks has had its headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and its offices in Düsseldorf, Germany. North America, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain.

The majority of the books are used, many are rarely used, autographed, first issues or out of stock, and a rising number are new. The company runs a blogsite and is also present on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and has started a panel discussion in 2018. AbbeBooks publishers can browse the lists of many independant bookshops and allow small, independant gamers to rival the bookshops.

While some member bookshops only sell their books on-line, others also operate a shop window on a frequent basis. Bookshops load their stock information into the AbeBooks databank and provide information on each and every one of their books, complete with status and pricing. Besides books, periodicals, audiobooks, magazines, illustrations, classic photos and ephemeral papers are available.

At first AbeBooks provided its sevices for a fixed price depending on the number of items for purchase. AbeBooks began the obligatory MasterCard and Visa transaction handling on its vendors' behalf in April 2006, adding a 5.5% commission for the delivery of this service: previously this has been an option.

Since 2008 AbeBooks calculates a 13.5% fee on the shipping costs and the purchase of the books. Bookshops can use their own spread sheet application or the website interfaces to load their holdings. Sold articles are sent directly from the respective bookseller's premises. A number of bookshops have sent new books directly from wholesale dealers or publishing houses.

Whilst AbeBooks is probably the biggest such website, most bookshops that are listed on AbeBooks place their books on several similar market places like Amazon.com, Biblio.com, Half.com, etc. "It'?s a company profile." About AbeBooks. com - Company information.

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