Abetta Draft Horse Saddle

Abetta Draft Horse Saddle

Wellcome to our Abetta Draft Horse Saddle Page. Abetta is currently producing only two Draft Horse Saddle models. Abetta Design horse saddles for sell Wellcome to our Abetta Draft Horse Saddle Page. Abetta is currently producing only two Draft Horse Saddle models. Abetta saddles are all handmade in the USA from the most durable Cordura nylon material.

Abetta Draft Saddle is constructed on a rim and comes with a 5 year warranty on the saddle.

The Abetta saddle is for you if you are looking for a light saddle for your draught horse and an easily cleanable saddle.

Latest news:..: Abetta Saddle Ratings for 2018

By the end of the year, and with many looking for vacation and present suggestions, we thought it might be useful to compile a shortlist of casual but useful commentaries and reviewers focusing specifically on the Abetta saddle. A major reason for our recent Abetta saddle spotlight in these review is that it really is one of our favourite rides for our horse and rider.

The following review is general and applies to a wide range of Abetta seats available in a range of designs and types. The choice of saddle is unique and personally determined by the horse and equestrian, so if you are not sure which saddle to choose, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Overall Abetta Saddle Rating: Abetta Saddle Personal & Custom Ratings: Lori: I needed a light saddle so that my horse would enjoy long outings. This is a trademark I have searched and found to meet my needs. I have a high back of my horse, but I put the saddle directly behind her and with my load in the saddle there is still room between his back and the saddle.

Satisfied with how this saddle suits me and my horse. So I like a light saddle. It' simpler to saddle and wear for my horse. Ellen: I tried several different calipers and at the end I liked one of the stamina calipers very much.

She seemed to unite the best of both worlds, easy and comfy. Anne: My Abetta Classic and Trail styles are great lighter for me (and my old arms and shoulders), and a good fitting for many a horse I've tried them on. Abetta Stamina had a central fire armament.

Walker: The best saddle is the one that first matches the horse and then the horse! I' ve been riding without a saddle most of my live, but I also have a lot of saddles too - there has always been something that suited each of my horse and theirs. Get something light. It' not that the horse can't deal with a 32 pound saddle, but the older you get, the more you'll hater to throw or push it on the horse.

Because I don't like middle-fire equipment. Michelle: Abetta stamina is the most convenient saddle! This saddle costs 1/5 of the fare of my Tucker perseverance saddle and hits it in every way. It' lightweight (only 12 pounds), convenient and handy. My lower back problems and my first saddle riding in this saddle felt so much better during and after the riding.

This saddle is adaptable, adapts well to the horse and allows the horse's movement to be felt. The horse is a TWH/Percheron draft with high waists, and the open section over the top of the saddle fitted well. and I was definitely luckier.

It'?s light! The saddle is light and is therefore ideal for those like me who can't carry much with them. Upholstered it has a cushioned rubber seating, which is quite comfy, and is certainly well made, long lasting, and has a great leveraging effect on the excitement. I have had my saddle for over 20 years and use it on trail and stamina-riding.

Those tacks are well made and a great deal. I have just received the endurance saddle and have already driven it many different rides and I like it. Convenient and well made. It is a really beautiful saddle at a reasonable cost. I have been saddling Abetta trails for several years.

The easy maintenance and the low body mass are very important to me. That saddle is very comfortable. As soon as you've overcome the fact that it's not genuine leathers - tell the cops to make a walk - this saddle is great. I' d advise this saddle to anyone who stays in the saddle for many years.

UND it matches my difficult to match horse. Several of our most loved and best-selling Abetta saddles:

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