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Enhance your knowledge of riding with fun facts for kids. Horseback riding facts for children Lee Pearson, a UK based equestrian trainer, won 10 Olympic golds at the Paralympic Games, although he is sensitive to horse abuse. Riding a horse demands wearing a tough hardhat to protect it from falling. Sitting on the horse's back, the horseman is sitting on the horse'sback. The majority of our calipers are made of special leathers to make them suitable for the horse.

Upholstery under the seat reduces the spinal column of the horse. With the bridles the horseman can steer the horse's pace and course. This comprises the belts around the horse's top, which are connected to a rod, the so-called bits, in the horse's jaws, and the leash. Glove helps the driver to grasp the rein.

Stirrup bars are bands on both sides of the horse that support the rider's foot. Riders wear real riding jackboots that are more secure than footwear. There are four major types of movement, known as steps. Horse limbs move in a different order in each step.

This horse is galloping. Westernriding is a favourite riding technique that originates in areas where cows graze cows.

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Riding is a pastime for all age groups, and although many begin riding when they are young, more take up riding for the first in their later lives. The purpose of this section is to help both those who want to begin riding and the more expert riders.

About each garment used for riding. Informations about riding saddles and saddle equipment. For those who are considering to start riding, as well as hints and advices for advanced riders. Counselling on security matters related to riding, as well as the security of riding a horse on the road.

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