Adjustable Riding hat

Riding hat adjustable

Use your helmet first with these adjustable riding hats. When you are on the toothbrush medallion markets, don't miss these adjustable riding hats that help guarantee the best possible fitting. It has suedeleather padded crotch strap that reaches up to the back of the head and feels smooth to the touch. 2.5 mm thick padded heel.

Furthermore, the padded back of the driver's headset allows the driver to adjust the shape to his or her personal needs.

The net keeps this headgear in a good grip, regardless of the rider's tip without hitting the driver's skull. You can adjust the headset with the new " Loc " function, which opens and moves in a very easy to do. The Kask Helm has a self-adjusting adjustment system that allows the driver to place the Helm on the driver's face by holding the back of his hand softly.

It has an anti-slip shell, extra ventilation inside and EPS whitefoam. The light riding headgear has a clock face adjuster, a four-point belt and a detachable, wash-able inner layer. The adjustable riding hat is available in a mat or glossy version with buckskin umbrella and lacing.

You can buy the hat in your hatize but its adjustable inner shoe matches your headgear perfectly. Uvex Exxential adjustable riding helmets are light and long-lasting thanks to their impact-resistant Polycarbonat shell, into which EPS foams are moulded. It has year-round lining and the Uvex IAS sizing system, which allows you to customize the width and hight of the harness.

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Includes an amazing range of adjustable riding caps and headgear. Adjustable riding hat, like all caps, is important for every rider. Horseback riding can be great pleasure and therapeutical, but it can be very risky. Adjustable hat or headgear can give you the decisive edge when you need it most, our adjustable headgear meets high standards and protects you in the event of an impact.

When you are looking for an adjustable riding hat for your little ones, take a look at our range of children's riding caps suitable for kids of all age and keep them secure and sheltered. You can see our range of adjustable riding jackets on this page, if you have any question, please do not hesistate to contact us.

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