Adm Horse Feed

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The ADM was the first feed manufacturer to develop and market the first feed concept for horses. Several of its products include animal feed, pet food, pet treats, food supplements and feeding bowls. Fatal horse feed is still for purchase; ADM Alliance is refusing to draw the feed.

A further horse feed mark is assumed at the deaths of three youngsters at a riding school in South Carolina. In spite of tests that showed that the feed is infected with a lethal ingredient, ADM Alliance Nutrition has not yet initiated a product recalls and the feed that is likely to have caused its kill is still on the shelve.

ADM Alliance 12% Pellets[Patriot 12% Supreme Performance Horse Feeds] - thought they were killing the animals last months at the Camelot Farms Equestrian Center, was positively screened for monensine dioxide, a food additive used in horse feeds that is toxic to the horse. The owner of the farm believes that the spoiled feed comes from 70 sacks they bought from G&G Feed & Seed in Beaufort at the end of November.

Unbelievable, the lethal food was still available in the shop and even a small amount of monensine can severely damage a horse's temper. Still no word on how many other retail outlets in the US that could also sell the lethal feed. Mark Kennedy, the ranch proprietor, said he dined 45 of 48 Horses with the corrupted feed for two and a half weeks. t...

The Kennedys say that so far no other horse on the ranch is showing any signs of disease. The South Carolina Department of Agriculture has been taking food specimens since the death and said the company was planning to "test for another fatal poison, mycotoxin".

Apparently the office doesn't have the gear to test for the presence of Monsensin. The ADM Alliance delegation also came to the ranch before Christmas to gather specimens, but refused to give the test results to the Kennedys or the people. Camelot Farms' death is similar to another case of contamination of feed and dead horse in Florida.

Six ponies have been dying at the Masterpiece Equestrian Center in Florida since October and another 16 are ill and most of them are likely to perish. These fatalities are due to feed containing the same additive, monensine. Recently, the plant merged with feed producer Lakeland Animal Nutrition. In contrast to ADM, Lakeland called back its polluted horse feed and discontinued the overall ration.

When the Kennedys realized the similarities in the Lakeland Animal Nutrition case, they contacted the Masterpiece Equestrian Center lawyer to talk about their next move.

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