Adopt a Horse

To adopt a horse

Adopt a Horse gives you the opportunity to help a horse or pony in one of our four British rescue and rehabilitation centres. Accept a horse or a donkey. Other breeds (Arabian, Thoroughbred, etc.), colours, sizes, age available for adoption. You can find your perfect horse friend today.

The Bransby Horses is one of the largest charities for horses in the UK dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, rehabilitation and the provision of a safe haven.


Adopt a Horse gives you the chance to help a horse or bangs in one of our four British rescue and rehabilitation centres. Every horse has its own history and the Adopt a Horse program gives you the chance to keep track of your horse's improvement in his or her own nutrition.

Just choose the horse you want to adopt and you will have it: the horse you want to adopt: 4 exlusive annual round-ups that give a one-of-a-kind view of the development of your adopted horse, with memos and photos of the yard outfit. Possibility to see your adopted horse during the open house events. Adoption of a horse is only £5.00 per months and is a good way to give a horse the second opportunity in his or her lifetime that he or she earns.

Today, your nearest horse & pony needs rehabilitation

We are always looking for a home for our lifesaving horse, pony and donkey. There are many stallions and riding stallions awaiting restoration throughout England and Wales - from grown-up riding and accompanying stallions to youngsters who need to be taken to their new home. There are three specialised horse riding centers in England and Wales - in Durham, Shropshire and Surrey.

We also have a range of rehabilitation training courses at our Wales centers. We will have taken charge of all our steeds and the pony as shelters. That is why horse riding skills and endurance are a must! When you are satisfied with the possession of a horse, learn more about our horse breeding.

Are you looking for your first horse? Many of our ponies are not suited for first-time use. And if you have no horse grooming expertise, why not try to acquire some initial skills in barn manning? Combination of this with hands-on experiences. There are extensive and extensive horse owner training opportunities at the English Horse Society.

If you take back one of our lifesaving mounts or of our Ponys, we will charge an acceptance surcharge. These range from around 50 for an accompanying stallion to 500 pounds for a horse that has been taken along. You' re not yet adopted? Give staple or replacement to help us take additional maintenance.

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