Adopt a Pony

To adopt a pony

Accept a pony, Robin Hood, saved pony at the Shetland Pony Club. Make ponies live better by supporting horse charities like World Horse Welfare. Smallest pony in the sanctuary probably has the biggest personality. A perfect gift for animal lovers! First and foremost those who have always dreamed of owning their own pony but did not have rich parents or a field or anything like that.

Redwing Horse Sanctuary and Equine Veterinary Centre

Become a new boyfriend and help Redwings! This is the best way to help Redwings! Sponsoring a saddle or ass for just 15 will give you a great package with a unique document, a breathtaking picture of your new boyfriend and his history. You will also have regular updates to their on-line blogs with tales and pictures of their lives in the sanctuary!

Extending your stay is simple! Just click on the following links, choose your option star and click on "Apply now". Sponsorship of a Redwings Adoptions Star is a great way to help our work, so thank you for your continued relationship with your adopted animal or mule. We have all our Adoptionsstars living in a Redwings Visitors Center, where admission is free, so you can come and see them as often as you like!

We have adopted youngsters, our adopted foals and our asses like excitement and attentiveness, and we know that you will like them. Fight to decide which of our beautiful adopted star horse and donkey you want to adopt for yourself or your family? If you are a relaxed personality or a little waggish, a big fans of a good singing or just a nap, we will find your ideal Adoptionstar-Partners!

Can I adopt? Well, why not sponsoring a Redwings roommate? New boyfriend in.

The Exmoor Pony Centre - Adopt a pony

This is a nice present for every pony or pet fan. As well as making friends with an ex moor pony, your purchases will also contribute to the costs of its upkeep. An adoptive document is effective for one year (from the date of registration). Included in each package are a 5 pounds coupon, an Exmoor Pony card, pony adoptive information and enrolment guide.

Once registered, adoptive parents will be given a personal adoption certificate, a photo of their selected pony and periodic newsletter about the pony and the activities taking place at the centre. You can choose to be sent a newsletter when registering by e-mail or mail. The ponys of our family enjoy the spotlight. Visiting your pony and spending a particular moment with it.

Since our stallions have a holiday in summer, it is only possible to go there between Easter and the end of October. If the pony is not available, please inform the centre about your stay to prevent disappointments. Several of the adopted sponies can beriddled.

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