Adopt a Racehorse

To adopt a racehorse

All these horses have to do is find a good home. By mediation, support, training and rescue we strive for it. At LOPE, we help Texas race horses through our adoption farm, academy program, rehabilitation, online services, and riding education. Adopt a horse.

Thoroughbred, America's sport horse.

Ambassadors of breeding like Bally Cor, Keen and Touch of Class have achieved great results in the Olympics, but today many equestrians prefer other races. If trained properly, purebreds can once again be at the top of the showcase. Not only will this achievement have a trickle-down effect that increases their value, it will also cause lower tier holders to look for coaches with thoroughbred expertise.

This, in turn, will lead to more successful and fewer failed projects. As Linda Zang says: "There have been many successful thoroughbred horses in the three Olympic Horses..... When you have a racehorse in retirement or are considering getting one, you need this one!

Trail to Trail Thoroughbred

Donate to support Gentry and all the horse in here! Gentry, found bound to a perimeter wall without nourishment and running in the Golden Gate Estates. We take wounded horse directly from the course or from practice farm, rehabilitation them and help them make the move to Lee and Collier county communities who are looking for walking or escort horse.

Because of their wounds, most stallions need 6 month to one year "vacation". Most of these stallions are rejected by track-funded rescuers and have nowhere to go. In Miami, Number Two Son, LAST CACED AT CALDER found no nourishment and no running waters. In addition to racehorse, we sometimes take in other horse races and help those who have been left or died of starvation and need to be rescued.

Others make up about 20% of the total number of animals that come here. The work is timeconsuming and costly, but very worthwhile to see these sportsmen start a second career with locals who make them part of their family. You can' adopt a goddamn animal, look at that!

Every year we enhance our outdoor and education programmes, from the ASPCA meeting on how to adopt a Horse, to Farrier Grooming, Rehabilitation, Saddle Adjustment, Dressage, Meditation, Massages and Workouts. Travelling with the ponies, we show how great an off-piste purebred is, among them Rural King, the Pioneer Museum at Robert's Ranch, The Ridgewood Cafe, Marco Island Country Club, Momentum Brewhouse, Sheriff's Night out (Collier County) Kirchen, Park and Parish Music.

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