Aegis Horse Riding Helmets

Eagis Riding Helmets

Aegi' s riding helmets from Devon-Aire. All Devon-Air Aegis riding helmets are adjustable, well ventilated. I' ve been looking a lot and this is the smallest riding helmet I could find. This riding helmet with its slim micro-shell is ideal for training.

Riding Helmets (Large

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Riding Helmets (Large

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Headgear, Helmets & Headgear - Aegis Reithelm

Beautiful Navy Aegis DEVON-AIRE Riding Hat - Adjustable (S/M)- Model K-2. The Aegis Youth/ Young Full Riding Helm is a S/M. It' in very good state. Comes with a soft dark brown suede overcoat. It' ideal for general riding or competition. On the inside the headgear is also in very good shape.

The K-2, ..... is a multi and certificated one. Beautiful conditon Aegis flocking riding hat. 16 L/XL K-1 models shipping/handling: I' m trying to provide the cheapest delivery option. Priority Shipment is often cheaper than Parcel Select. I' m also offering more than one delivery option for many of my products. eBay only shows the first one in the list, click on the Delivery and Payment page below the images to see if I provide other products that may be cheaper. .... more. I retain the right to modify the delivery option (USPS/FedEx) after the product is packaged and shipped.

The delivery period is always the same. Combination dispatch: When you buy several articles from me, I would be pleased to try to combine them. Occasionally I cannot mix and match due to the article's thickness or height. At this point we grant delivery rebates. Element Description: I' m trying the best I can to describe the object as I see it.

I' m not sure how an article works in some cases. When I have tried an article and it works, I will find out. When I say or exclaim that I could not fully test an article, buy this article AS-IS I will not give a full refund if you receive it and the article does not work.

Please ask me if you have any further information about an article. In case an article is broken upon your home arrive, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me within 48 hrs after your order has been delivered in order to solve the problem. In case you have another problem with the article, you must also get in touch with me within 48 hrs after shipment to solve it.

Unless listed in the initial list of the article, I do not accept returned items. I will not charge you for postage in cases where I am offering a product to be returned, only the cost of the product. Sizes small/middle. Crunchy state, neat and read for dispatch!

This AEGIS SEI Model K-1 German Horse Riding Helmets Size S/M 4/2005 Adjusable This is in very good used state with some small scuff. Shipment to the Continent costs $12.50 via UPS Ground Cover. Devon Aire Aegis Useppa riding hat This is the hat that began it all.

This is the first watch with a clock face ring system that has been photocopied and reproduced throughout the world! Heavier..... with a fully reclining strap and a quick-release fastener. This is a must for training and touring. All helmets are ASTM F1163-04A/SEI certified& CE approved to EN 1384 standards* Click on Important warning on the right:

Antimicrobial roof liner pad for item specification cleaning: Medium- 20 1/4" 21 7/8" Large/ Xlarge- 21 7/8" 23 1/2" AEGIS by DEVON-AIRE riding hat with original case and manual. S/M, hat sizes 61/2 - 7. Processed very carefully and kept in the carton. Please see pictures for state.

The Devon-Aire Aegis K-1 riding hat L/XL (SEI Certified ASTM F1163-01). Outer shell is in good shape with some scratches. Also the inside is in good state.

At the back of the hat is a small variable bike for fitting and comforts. Revon-AIRE Riding Hat, S/M; SR Product Specification For your information we have a Devon-AIRE riding hat, leather, black buckskin. Comes in a small/medium sized one. It is a SEI-certified wear.

It has all the security labels on the inside. The Devon-Aire headgear is a devon aire item. On the inside of this crest seems to have a styrofoam cushioning with a few fabric cushions to make sure the crest is seated correctly and comfy. On the outside of this hat is dark brown.... and seems to be coated with buckskin.

It has five venting areas around the whole head. It has the Aegis emblem on the back. Comes with the two tine nickel-plated metal buckle with two tine clips. These helmets have some small scrapes due to regular abrasion.

It seems this hardhat has no bumps or larger damages. Click on a picture to see it in full screen About us We are a non-profit organization and this article was given to us. Other Auctions Shipping Details The eBay section is closing Monday - Friday 9-6 am on weekends.

Shipment costs within the United States of America Internationally Shipment costs differ depending on destination NO First Class Email is available Due to missing shipment tracing Priority Email is necessary for intern. orders Digital signatures may be necessary in the USA. PayPal Orders Verified Addresses Only articles should be dispatched the next working Monday, but not later than 2 workingdays upon receipt of full cash on delivery of the goods Monday - Friday 9-5 (4009 S56th Street Tacoma, WA98409) details of payments must be paid within 2 working nights after the surcharge item is due not later than 2 working nights after receipt of the Washington residents must be paid state 10.

The majority of the articles are given to us and are in used state and are for sale, unless otherwise indicated. While we try to describe the status and functionality of the articles in detail, this is not always possible. Part of the listing may be from the vendor.

S/MED. AEGIS BY DEVON-AIRE REITHELM SIZE. IN THE COLOUR. MARVELLOUS CONDITION. ON THE PICTURES IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF HAT YOU SHOULD GET AND AWAIT. Devon-Aire Aegis security products. Youthful riding hat, 1003, pink, size small. 19" 21 1/4" adjustable) Model: K-3 Date of Mfg: 08/2007 SEI-certified model:

The ASTM F-1163-04a This is a light used and in very good state. Buckles, paddings and belts in perfect state. Only a little maiden who appears on the ground (she was nervous to get on the horse. Without the originals, shipment would be less. If you want to rule that out, let me know and I will give you a delivery offer without it.

All auctions include the boxes and the delivery costs are a reflection of this. The article comes from a smoke-free house. Very good state. Helm was in 2010. Wearing this juvenile riding hat for one season with riding instruction every week. There is a small crack in the upper fabric (see photo), but otherwise it is in good state.

Genuine packaging and operating instructions. The initial prize was $56.95. It is in very good shape. Sizes are small / average. It is not possible to set the precise dimension. Personally, the headgear looks better than on these pictures. You' re offering a PRE-OWNED AEGIS SEI ESQUESTRIAN RIDING K-3 XS HANDS.

Very good interior state. Used AEGIS from DEVON-AIRE CALADES GRAPHITE BLACK RIDING HELMET. S/M Hat Size S/M 6 1/2-7 inch 20 1/4- 21 7/8 Genuine $65.99 retail case with label. Can be combined on several articles. And I was this little chick who chose to spend a whole summers riding a horse and then stop for about four-month.

It was an outstanding and very comfortable one. Otherwise this headgear is prepared to save the head again! QUESTRI SEI CERTED Riding Helm This Helm is used. It is in very good state. Sizes XS Shipping: When you are dissatisfied with your order, please give it back for a full reimbursement, no worries.

You' re betting on a handsome riding helmet. From Aegis. Devon-Aire security products) In their original packaging. Youth helmet. Sizes XS (Suitable for hat size 21 3/4 inch to 24 1/2 inch) Flock Black Model-K-3 This helmet fulfills or surpasses ASTMF 1163-04a. SEI-certified model. Usually kept in its original packaging.

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