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Horse Blankets Affordable

This is TuffRider's New Horse Blanket Line: Make blankets better for you and your horse! New Kensington Horse Blankets - the #1 resource for horse farms, stables and coaches. 5 June 2013 -- Kensington has been in the horse business since 1954, and we have seen some changes over the past 59 years. The new Kensington horse blanket design ensures a tight, protected cut despite the different construction and shape of each horse.

The new SureFit will surely suit. Kensington, in cooperation with the Frisian Horse Association of North America (FHANA), designed a silhouette that corresponds to the original physique of a Frisian horse. When that was done, a Kensington staff member, Becky Hasbach, took the paper home just to see why Anthony, the proprietor of Kensington, was so upset.

The next day, to everyone's astonishment, she raved about how well this new sure fit worked on all four horses: a thoroughbred, Haflinger, Appaloosa and a Belgian/quarterback. Recognizing that we were able to avoid adjustment mix-ups, we have further optimized the overall look and improved the look over the next six month.

The Kensington ceiling replaces all the work involved in selecting the right fit: traditional, taper or quarter cut. SureFit is engineered to work, hold and blend. Surafit is available in a range of Kensington blankets and leaves, beginning with our latest protective film for 2013, which is available in the following colours:

Surafit cutting is also available in our all-new Platinum Series ceiling line, which will be available from the 2013/2014 conservatory year. Platinum Series offers not only perfectly fitted blankets, but also a hardwearing 1680Denier balistic outside cover and CoolPlusliner.

Kensington has returned to its origins with the new owner Anthony Gatto and has preserved the legacy of its very first slogan: NEW LOOK, NEW IMAGE, NEW DIRECTION.

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