Affordable Western Saddles

Inexpensive Western Saddles

All Western saddles used, including Circle Y, Billy Cook, Big Horn, Tucker, Barrel, Trail, Endurance, Gear and more. Double SS Western working saddles are quality saddles that we offer at very reasonable prices. They are ideal for beginners.

Westernsaddle of high value?

⢠Horses: Westernsaddle of high value? In principle I need a high-quality western seat for under onek. but I think it could be with a badly seated seat. It moves one hips higher than the other and you can sense the muscular nodes behind its ankles.

I combine this with a yoke fitting, as I have ridden a lot more in the last few wekk. Now back to my initial questions, nut recommendation, anyone? I' m also putting a photo of her in my present seat, if that will do. And Corrientes and McCall's seem to be the best saddles in town.

I confess I prefer her for all of them. ⢠Horses: ⢠Horses: Even tree less saddles are welcome, as long as they are more western. ⢠Horses: You can find one that is used under 1K$ maybe half a qh rods?

Western-style saddles - Billy Royal, SYS

Schneider provides Western saddles of the highest technical qualities for equestrians of all prices. You will find a half or full accomodation equine trailer for purchase that fits your budgets. The Billy Royal Western saddles are made of high class handmade leathers with excellent details for unmatched wearing luxury and styling.

Our work saddles are of high standard and we are offering them at very reasonable price. This is the perfect saddles for beginners. Here you will also find saddles, junior saddles and equipment such as coverings and products for care of your back. For more than 50 years Billy Royal has been a leader in saddlery and works with top horse pros to develop the most convenient and balance saddles on the market.

There are several different styles available, such as the Classic Work Saddle, Pro Work Saddle, Comfort Classic II, Arab Training Saddle and Rancher Extreme Cowboy Saddle. This handpicked saddle is highly hard-wearing and the saddle collapses quickly. Characteristics includes full quarters horsehorse staves (for fashionable conformations), quilted pre-turned guards and skirts, slim hand-crafted and upholstered fits, strengthened high-grade rings, high-grade steal or leathers ties straps, raw fur-wrapped temples and leathers off the belly.

Our work saddles unite top workmanship, power and economy. Select from Roughout Saddles, Lil' Buckaroo Juvenile Saddles, Work & Trail Saddles, Open Range Saddles, Tulsa All-Around Saddles and Outlaw Juvenile Saddles. Dual SS saddles are mounted on light fibreglass tree and come with a 5-year guarantee. These saddles are available in perfect junior and senior saddles at reasonable price, which makes these saddles an extraordinary value for money.

Characteristics includes convenient handmade and upholstered seating, half quarters or full quarters poles, coarse seating, fenders cut-outs, naturals, off-billet, full grain leather lining and numbering, and stainless steels workout cups.

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