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Find the lowest price for new, used books, textbooks, books on Popular 98 reviews and complaints about Alibris books Order a copy before he started the trigger course. The first e-mail contained 4 to 6 working working days. The first e-mail reply from support was 14 working days when the product was not displayed.

Once that period had elapsed (they couldn't look at a diary properly), they gave 14 working day's. Once again I asked for a reimbursement for the delayed and not yet received work.

In spite of the countless unsatisfying ratings published on-line (this website and others), I took a shot at Alibris and thought that they might have been better in reaction to the problems described. There is practically no client service available. What I don't know is what the Alibris own do with their own times, but it's certainly not about things running well.

It was supposed to be a present, but it wrecked it. If you get assistance, it comes through a brief e-mail from India. One of those unpredictable puzzles is how they got to keep in the game, but as for their ministry, I'm done. Packing 00 in the delivery costs.

Almost a months passed before three Nancy Drew books arrived. I got a three-story story novel instead...where the kids had laptop and smartphone computers. Where do I get off trusting these Alibris Books review? "I bought a Alibris book". After a few workingdays I received an e-mail from Biblio saying that the product was not available.

You said I had to talk to Alibris because they were the ones who debited my bankroll. Alibris was approached and it was very hard to handle them. I' NEVER gonna buy another Alibris novel and suggest that nobody else does. We' ve got a debit from our visa bank accounts - never bought anything.

Large choice of books, but very low levels of client support and a completely troubled website. They will always have good or evil things to say about any business, but I ordered two books from Alibris (Bibles to be exact) myself and I got the books I ordered exactly when they gave them to me.

Well, the issue of the one I ordered was not the one they had imagined. You imagined the newest (green-blue colored) issue....... but you sent the oldest (beige colored) issue..... that I already had. Nor would they examine it to find out why the manuscript had not been sent after about a fortnight and a half.

In all honesty, I can say that Alibris Books has some of the most " client services " (if you can call it that) I've ever had. On the other hand, they did not want to give up my order even though it had not yet been shipped, and they did not even want to raise the question of the edition of the work.

Eventually I gave up and owned two of the same number. Obviously there is NO apology for a business to have such a "don't care" approach and such a terrible apology for "customer service". I' d just never own another one.

had to order an older one for my financial grade. and they said they sent it out on January 5. You replied, "Shipping is slowing down, and if it doesn't happen soon we will ship again. "At that point, I didn't need the scroll anymore.

So I gave them another whole weeks so the books would come, so I could just give it back and it still hasn't arrived and nobody could call me back. I' ve ordered a copy of a novel on Spain's crown story. I' ve got a Scholastic book Grade 2-4 Attack Of The Clone. They sent me the India edition of the story, so I couldn't even get to it!

It will take a whole weeks just to reply to my complaints, just to find out that they won't even be paying for your shipment when you send the box back! Order a Collegiate Course Manual 25.12.17 with enough elapsed timeframe to receive mailings to begin the course on 08.01.2018. It was sent on 26.12.17 and sent with USPS Standard, which lasts about 28 working days per USPS location.

The vendor said I should have gotten the copy sometime between 28 December 2017 and 4 January 2018. So far the previous volume (18.11.1) has never been published. Alibris and her supplier BookLab have been approached by me who have casually thought that this novel seems to be gone and has NOT provided any genuine solutions except that I should be waiting longer.

Can' finish the course work without the ledger. Now I had to order the books from another salesperson who at least sent them with a trackingnumber so that I could finish my course work - poorest client support and ordering expertise I ever had. When I ordered a copy a month before the holiday, it never came and there was no track on the parcel.

Answered by e-mail asking for the information on deliveries already included in the e-mail you sent. Several books I bought from Alibris were wrongly displayed. If there is no returned shipment note, Alibris does not claim a self-billing invoice. The Alibris does not provide a returns fee reimbursement - a voucher was provided but had to be used on the same date as the returns application.

You promote that your order will take 3 to 4 workingdays for standard delivery, but the actual delivery is 14 workdays. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!! I ordered a copy from Alibris for about 20 Euros below the current retail prices. I got an e-mail on the eighteenth that the baby was sent. I didn't have the notebook yet on the twenty-seventh, so I sent them a letter and reviewed some reviews like this one.

Coincidentally, I got my copy two lessons later. Then I sent the e-mail before I got the parcel and they responded to my e-mail the next one. When you want a little money copy of a novel, you just have to be careful. Books were well wrapped. Had I not been reading the poor review, I might have been more tolerant and might not have sent any e-mail at all.

to Alibris, the second buyer of Emerald Coast Books. There'?s no album. I' ve tried to get in touch with Alibris, no one available, sent an e-mail, the computer sent you a thank you, said, "Wait, we'll call you...". E.C.B. The same applies for over 40 working days, no booking, no response to enquiries, nothing, only computer generate "don't call us, we'll call you" e-mails within seconds of dispatching a message.

Last months I ordered three books from Alibris and had different editions with all three orders: After ~2 weeks the first one came while I was getting a bad booking. All I had to do was contact them and they succeeded in sending another copy to my home and I got it after about a fortnight.

After 3 week the second booking did not come and I contact her again and asked for it to be cancelled. USPS did not receive the third volume in a first trial and it was not delivered after 5 working day of a return delivery inquiry. Alibris has been approached by me because of his bad delivery methods, which cannot provide on schedule or correctly, and I have asked for cancellations and refunds.

Instead, they gave the client the USPS number. Due to my three recent orders, I do not suggest using Alibris on the basis of my recent support and shipment time. Our support team only reacts to e-mails at noon and expects our account managers to be located somewhere in Asia and not be able to process our customers' inquiries correctly and on time.

The USPS did not send the parcel in the first try and did not make a punctual subsequent delivery after several working hours. Alibris has a problem with this, but not the client contacting USPS. The Alibris must use the correct delivery method such as UPS, FedEx, etc. that can send mail instead of trying to do so.

I' m sorry, Alibris, but I can't continue to order more books from you, and I can't undertake to delay more than three months to get wrong books or attempted deliveries. The Zero STAR Services. Do not believe in the date of shipment indicated by Alibris. You are sending an e-mail with the name Shipment Status, but none of the offered hyperlinks are working.

Respectless client care. I did not receive my order on the date given by Alibris and I had to buy the product from another supplier. Don't ever buy a Alibris novel. I have ordered several books over the years and have never been let down. Several books come earlier and others later, all books were always in the state described by the salesman.

Just chill out and reread a story while you wait for the next one to come. for over $300 and had to give it back. Send it position May 5th, the salesperson worked it May 10th (excavation for USPS and playing period a time period) and on May 30th the salesperson archer me that Alibris same they worked it on May 19!

It takes 9 working days for a reimbursement to be made after the seller's "OK'd", which is not acceptable to me. I sent two e-mails to Alibris in 6 workingdays and today, at last, a "pending" reimbursement is displayed on my PayPal inbox. Because Alibris does NOT have a dial-in number, you MUST use e-mail and the reaction rate and customer service capability is TERRIBEL.

You have the poorest customer service I've ever seen, and I really don't think they give a damn that it's not. I' ll never use Alibris again. The only reason I purchased was for quick DELIVERY. Just to find out that it was an external vendor, and it would take 10 - 14 workingdays to get the books there, as opposed to the 2 - 4 working day Alibris promises.

Instead, they were blaming me for verifying that I wanted 2-4 business hours of shipment, and I was not paying for it. Our rent ledger was given back on 10 May 2017. And Alibris got it on May 25, 2017. On May 26, 2017, Alibris charged our $68.35 debit to our account one working day after receipt and processing.

Following 6 or 7 e-mails and the Alibris support agent explains that there should be no fees at all. The company's policies provide for a 20-day extension for shipment and do not charge the client for loss or delay of shipment via the forwarder.

There are all the e-mail documentations that show that they had the books on January 25 and should have no fees. Payed for accelerated shipment to get my copy within 5-7 workingdays which is already a long accelerated shipment programme when I buy a collegiate schoolbook. There is a dispatch acknowledgement by e-mail that the books have been dispatched.

Item 3: I got the copy 3 workingdays after receiving it (after I paid for accelerated shipping) and the date of shipment is well after the date of the e-mail I got saying my copy was mailed. The Alibris support staff is not answering for 12 whole day (!!!) and sends an answer with the inscription "I'm sorry...".

When I ordered a Alibris copy, I received it on May 02, 2017 and it was indicated in my order that it would be delivered by May 12, 2017 at the latest. It'?s the twelfth and still no it. This number is 510-594-4586 and there is no living individual you can speak to and says on their telephone line that their best way to get in touch is via e-mail?

All in all very poor overall client support! 40 nights ago I ordered and I'm starting to track my order because after 14 shipping business hours the customer's answer had to delay up to 30 workingdays. Every 30 and a half working nights I send an e-mail, no answer from my support team, no number! My strong recommendation is to buy from, especially for difficult to find books and used textbooks.

Pricing are usually the best available and many of the bookshops are non-profit and small business organisations. Bookshops are very diligent and trustworthy.

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