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Taylor Johnson's All About Horses is both an educational and an entertaining book conceived for the novice rider, the first equestrian rider, or anyone interested in the basics of this precious creature, which was a major asset to humanity as far back as 4000 BC.

Aren't you one of those people who think a pony is a child's pony, or a dog's tail wagging when it's lucky? When you plan to be with horses soon, you should collect this book first. The maintenance and feed of the horses will be reviewed, as well as the horse's physical speech, which will give you a good up thumb when the pet might be fearful, endangered or in a foul state.

If you consider that the mean colour horses arrive at about half a metric tons, you should proceed with due care. Work with horses demands constant interactions, from caring for the animals to equestrian activities. This book provides an overview of the different races of horses and saddle styles as well as fundamental hints for equestrianism.

It also includes the rider's security, as well as a section on the horse's parts of the anatomy that is vital to understand why and why in the provision of the necessary upkeep. My mom was not only birthed on a farm, but I also had the privilege of a few rides in my Iife.

There' s a long discussion about whether horses are as clever as hounds, and for good reasons. Mum always said that horses could tell if a horsewoman knew what they were doing once they were tacked, and I learnt that the tough way. If we look at the many fact-based plays built on the horses' qualities and courage, most people don't let there be any doubts that horses can fight for the " Man's Best Friend " award.

Such a book makes you want to know much more about them, and the experiences become a life-long remembrance, if not a pastime or even a living in them. A series of photographs of horses, as well as the saddle and care articles, are provided by the writer to contribute to the esthetic qualities of a well-written, informational and indispensable book for lovers of all age groups.

Taylor Johnson's All About Horses offers a wonderful learning environment not to be missed.

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