All Black Horse for Sale

Sell all Black Horse

This is the list of items for sale. They' all sold as they are used in different states, but they are all usable. Beautiful black Quarter Horse gelding for sale. It is very unique with its black apple-grey colour. Maverick is one of my favourites of all the horses I have ridden.

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organizational FEATURING MATERIAL + BUY FENCH MATERIAL + FACILITIES AT WHOLESALE PRICES! and more! Anyone in good shape it is a seat sale as I like this seat, but I have chosen to update and this needs to be resold as it is no longer needed. At the moment I use it on a 14.3 hh Arabian and it was the bPessoa PDS Aldea Dressage caliper 16".

Frisians for sale at Fairytale Friesian Finder Service, LLC

The Fairytale Frisian Finder Service will help horsemen to find the right Frisian for them. The founder JannaWeir has not only won 16 Welt- and Landesmeisterschaften with her Frisian Horse and received the FHANA President Trophy, she has also brought together more equestrians than anyone else in North America with her forever Frisian team.

The Janna company provides all-inclusive shopping tours to Europe, where she will take charge of all the necessary detail for the sale, the veterinary surgeon and the transportation of your Frisian fairy tale to the United States. She has been working with some Frisian breeder for many years and is able to find the best prices for the best breed.

Furthermore, she often finds and import EXTREMELY nice trails and amusement riders, as well as experienced sports riders with an excellent performance record who win in training. Give Janna a call or e-mail her and let her know exactly what you are looking for, and if we don't have it, she will find her fairy tale Frisian for you!

Shipshevana Good Friday & Black Friday Horse Sales

Shipshewana Good Friday Horse Sales and the days after Thanksgiving are unique annual gatherings that attract hundred of horse enthusiasts from all over the world. The large shows last well into the evenings with up to 400 or more marketed ponies (approx. 25-30 ponies per hour). There' s also a knock auctions, a pony/mini auctions and a large number of sellers who arrange and sale tacks and various articles throughout the whole workday.

Shipshewana auction, Inc. buyers number is necessary to buy all your horse, pony and bridle. It' $1.00 (cash only) to buy a number for the first token or to get a new number ticket at the end of our two-year life cycle. It is $2.00 to substitute your ticket for losing tickets.

You can obtain your buyer's numbers in the cattle breeding offices or in the other offices for sale. They must be 18 years of legal age with photo ID and a telephone number to obtain a buyer's number. For bids and payment, please show your purchaser number cards.

Conditions of sale are currency, cheque, Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Cheques will only be accept by the person whose name is associated with the purchaser number used for the sale. Payment for all sales must be made before the end of the sale. You have to pay for all horse and barn sales in the cattle breeding bureau.

You can buy Tacks in the Misc. & Antique Building offices for sale. Except as otherwise stated by the Seller at the date of sale, there is no warranties or guarantees of any kind with respect to the health or health of any pet purchased through Shipshewana Auction, Inc.

Once the sale of all pets that have been auctioned or treated has been completed, Shipshewana Auctions, Inc. accepts no further liability. Pets are the property of the purchaser when they exit the ring. Immediately after sale, all ponies should be collected. Purchasers and viewers are warned not to be cautious on the property and when selling them.

Under no circumstances shall Shipshewana Auction, Inc. or its officers or representatives be liable for any accidents that may result to viewers, purchasers, horse, equipment or losses due to fire, larceny or personal injuries in any way. As an intermediary, Shipshewana Auction strives to defend the interests of both purchaser and vendor.

NUMERICALLY the horse is sorted by the horse class in which it is entered. In order to pre-register your horse and obtain an option vendor number, call Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market at 260-768-4129. Sales order places are reserved on a first-come, first-serve principle. You must pay this charge by your payment method when making your booking to ensure your availability.

$00 is charged in additon to commissions and other sales charges. You can bring your horse with you at any hour after 6 p.m. on Thursday until the sales period on Friday. When you are not able to remain and see selling your horse, you can make a brief history about your horse that will be read by the Auctioneer.

Vendors may decline the sale of a horse. They must be present and decline once the horse is sold. There is no sales charge of $38.00 (commission plus $3.00 yardge fee). Vendor's cheques are sent by post or can only be collected from the cattle farm after the horse has been purchased by the cattery.

In order to sell off Misc. & Antique Tock, take him to the Misc. & Antique Building on Friday from 5:30 am to 9:00 am and put him up for sale in the ring. Commissions & Fees: Equestrian & Ponies: Coggin's tests will be conducted on Good Friday and Black Friday. When you need one, it will be taken on the date of the sale for $25.00.

Coggin's testing is only done on sold ponies. When you don't resell your horse, you don't have to buy a test from our team. Sellers can settle in an inside or outside area during our season. Specific permission from Shipshewana Auction, Inc. is required to market foods, confectionery or beverages.

Auctions, Inc. retains the right to refuse items for sale by sellers and accepts no liability for any damage to or theft of possession. There' always something exhilarating going on in Shipshewana.

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