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We had a great trip, our third trip to Clackamas lake in Mount Hood National Forest." Clackama' s lakeside pitches are only 3 years old and have their own horse pitches with beautifully constructed corals. We were really a "separate mobile phone services world" for my husband, my sisters and myself.

Clackamas Lakes Small DockWe usually take a stroll along the planned take-off and landing strip to the small harbour of the Lakes. All we had was each other and the ponies, NICE! So, this year, there are just a few pictures from my cello. Nurse with a seldom, not Moskito'd-mouse!

After I washed the manure out of the awning (!), my nurse used our marquee for sleeping, because now we always use the "Tent TRAILER"..... At noon we nurses arrived and built the whole campsite. Then we chose Chilax with the ponies. We had a beautiful screaming fire for him to make him sit down with a chill.

On July 4, we nurses agreed to go for a horseback trip to the beautiful lakes. At about 4-5 m. p. h. she gets her stroll and gets very upset when she has to be examined for horseback ridings behind a slower horse. I' ve just read at LYTHA in Germany that she went out with her Mara horse and saw a horse with a horse that also has a great stroll.... the owners do not like to go on horseback with others, because their horse is bothered, because.... they will probably be out!

It would suit us well, like Pantz... she always goes beyond Wa. Anyway....we roamed through the huge beauty and my nurse and I made a "jump frog" in the Position. This we did several occasions and once my older brother was spying on a big BLACK RAVEN pen! It made me feel a little bad because I had used the RAVEN nib so quickly, but I had given her a Red Tail Hawk nib just before the trip, and she was in Pantz' hair in her place and looked pretty slick!

This was a lovely little first run, but we had a light stud condition from my filly. It was so warm and the wind had come over the sea. Whilst it kept us colder on a very warm summer morning, it ensured that the water of the pond had a small tidal effect, "lapping" on the countryside.

I had a problem with the water and my filly got scared. Then she turned to go... right into my sis! But we got a quick check and were hanging around the water until the broodmares sat down. My husband had to go to work that night before he could camp with us for the last 3 night and 2 whole camps.

I' d said to my sister that I wanted to reach the Lakéide this year. She and Pantz Stute recovered from medical problems last year when we arrived, and the whole sea trip was not logical. This year....nothing stood in our way...although it was long, the temperature had dropped and there was some hot and cold running waters available for the horsemen, and we took them along for dinner.

Dinner with broodmares - half way around Timothy Sea, OregonWe paused at 8m to have our the temperature had dropped and it seemed even colder in the shadow of the woods (I love it, Nurse is freezing), we were sitting safely in the day! Soon we went again (after a photoshooting with me in the pictures, but unfortunately....on camera) for the remainder of the trip around Timothy Sea.

Nearly halfway around the pond, my older brother asked me, "How much further will it be? As I replied: "Sister, we're going all the way around the pond today"....and if you added the individual routes on the chart, my GPS was on, and my computations had us almost halfway at that time.

"Following her concern and a discussion with her about the diatrics, I recorded this "little video"....Sighing, as you can hear...we went on and on, quickly through the beautiful place, over the lake in the mountains. That was 16 mile from my GPS. Well, my sis thought I tried to slay her and her horse....but the next day...we all felt damn good!!!!!

On May 5 we did a regular activity, which we had begun on the early mornings....get up with the hot weather (shortly before 6am), feeding the animals, cleaning the stables, refilling the stables, making a trip to the toilets....then go back to work! One time we did a "Headwaters Loop", and that was really awesome!

We' ve also made sweeps around the campsite and to a lovely lawn 2mph. away. Horse were so beautiful, really willing and quiet. and the return home was just as beautiful.

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