Alpha a Horse Feed

Alfa a Horse feed

The Alfa-A Original can be fed alone or combined with cubes or a mixture for horses with higher energy requirements. There are controversies about the best use of alfalfa in horse rations. The Alfalfa hay was both announced as feed for horses and slandered.

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The Alfa-A can be used alone or in combination with dice or a mixture for higher energetic use.

When using Alfa-A Genuine as your only food, use a broad-spectrum vitamins and minerals preparation or balance. Alfa-A lucerne in Alfa-A Origin is kilned at a very high heat to minimise the danger of mold growth. Effective suction procedures make sure that Alfa-A has a low level of particulate matter to encourage a sound breathing system.

Feeding how much? So how much do you work with your horse? It is important to know the amount and nature of work your horse or bangs do when determining the amount and nature of feed. High-grade fiber resources such as Alfa-A Original can cover the power requirements of most mounts and stallions under moderate to moderate strain.

PLEASE NOTE: The horse is an individual and always adapts its feed rations to its temper and state as well as its workload. Reconvalescence / RestingHorses on loudspeaker support or turned away. Alfalfa, treacle.

Alpha-A Oils

Alfafa provides the qualitative proteins that are indispensable for the improvement of the upper line, the muscular state and the fix. By nature low in sugars and starches, independant research has shown that lucerne can promote digestion well being. The research shows that lucerne feed also enhances foot qualities, as it contains plenty of potassium and other natures constituents of vitamin and mineral that the horse can use.

This is the ultimative lucerne feed for tough work, improvement of endurance and promotion of fitness in the horse and pony. Primordial lucerne fiber food that provides high value nutritional ingredients for workhorses and workhorses. This is the ideal lucerne fiber feed for refuelling or strengthening the physical fitness of a horse or pony that is susceptible to laminitis.

Low-weight fiber lining for workhorses and Ponys, made from virgin alfa with the addition of spice mint seed oils and a lightweight molasse film. Fitted, sporty stallions are usually choosy and therefore hard to feed, so we have created a high-energy fiber food that encourages the choosiest people.

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