Amazing Horse Stables

Astonishing stables

Did you wish as a child that you could live in the barn with your horse? Seven extraordinary equestrian farms all over the globe Over the course of the ages, the designs of important properties have evolved dramatically, from tower-reinforced palaces to today's "intelligent" high-tech houses, but over the years the first-class riding arenas have not significantly altered. From Pennsylvania's rich farming landscapes to the sunlit meadows of South America and the historical countryside of England, modern amenities are a must for houses in horse-riding.

All of these farms are decorated in different architectonic style, but all have excellent amenities in common, most of which have large stables, pads and horse stables, as well as stunning view. The RedHorse FarmCape Cod, MassachusettsRed Horse Farm on Cape Cod is perfectly situated near South Cape Beach State Park and Mashpee Town Beach.

Red Horse Farm covers an area of seven and a half hectares and has a state-of-the-art year-round horse centre. The stables are supplemented by a tailor-made horse back for indoors and outdoors, customised pads, an irrigation system, care areas and a covered warren.

The Villalagos is home to 13 privately owned properties, each with easy entry to an 85 hectare common property planted with beautiful plants, bushes and wood. Thanks to the sunshine of Punta del Este, you can enjoy year round walks and horseback rides with stunning vistas. Neck, New JerseyColts Neck, New JerseyThis 45 acre farm has an eight-story shed, paddock, equestrian area and diving area.

The large ball-room and a large dinning room with lavish features such as cassette floors and hard-carved stone stoves offer the perfect setting for entertainment, while the breakfasts room provides a clear view of the docks. The property also has a swimming pool, tenis courts and accommodation for personnel. The Felicita, a large and classy property with stunning view, is located right next to the central area.

It has stables for 44 ponies, its own vet hospital, a roofed arena, a well-equipped club house and indoor and outdoor music. Its stylish interiors are furnished with elaborate wooden work and slats, and large window frames are flooded with ambient lighting. Situated in New Canaan, ConnecticutWith a heritage dating back to 1926, this mansion was fully renovated in 1988 and now set the standard for luxurious properties in New Canaan and Wilton, Connecticut.

Built of the most exquisite Mahagony with interior rooms made of raw butter nut woods, there is an extensive 11-storey stable on the property with roomy horse boxes and two saddle chambers, which offer a lot of stowage space. The 295 x 85 foot indoor horse show, seven docks and a one and a half kilometer long trotting run round off the state-of-the-art horseback facility.

June  FarmReigate, Surrey, EnglandJune Farm is an exclusive, protected property dating from the seventeenth cent. The June Farm is rich in historical heritage with an inner court and a decorative rosary, but the large interiors of the principal palace have been completely renovated. It has a twin bedroom dinning room with stunning view, an eight-sided office and four sleeping rooms in a tranquil piano separated from the entertainment areas.

As well as landscaped backyards and a large indoor and outdoor pools, the site has been divided into seven posts and rails. There is a large stable for the horse and a saddle room with galley and tanning bed. The Cuadra San CristobalFederal District, Mexico City, MexicoOutside Mexico City, this eye-catching, contemporary property, created by Pritzker award winning Luis Barragán, has an unmistakeably cheerful rose color.

Architecturally combining the inside of the house with the luxuriant outside area, this four-bedroom house is perfect for those who love the great outdoors and have a sense of fashion. The cuadra San Cristobal also has stables and outside areas, which are enlivened by several wells, swimming baths and parks.

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