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Probably the most magic Amazon story ever.

The award goes to the Deadly Equines book: CuChullaine O'Reilly's shocking true story of eating meats and killing them. There is an overseas multi-million-dollar economy, served by whispering horsemen, high-gloss journals and pop art, preaching that horsemen are gentle booty creatures that frighten beasts. Suppose equines had killed a lion, a tiger, a cougar, a wolf, a hyena, a man?

Modern authors have successfully brushed killer and carnivorous equines out of literary works. Due to the worldwide equestrian fitness epidemic, the decisive importance of the horse in recent times has been forgotten by people. How would it be if the witness's statement unveiled that carnivorous Poles were using carnivorous horse and photos of blood-eating Tibetan horse were found?

The Deadly Equines is a revolution in the way horse riding is turned away from romanticism. This is a factual study that shows how mankind has known about carnivorous horse for at least four thousand years, at what point almost two tens of different kinds of proteins, as well as man pulp, have been eaten by horse, and that these events have taken place on all continents, as well as Antarctica.

This is the first research into the concealed story of the equestrian, an alternate equestrian realm inhabited by lost facts, ignored evidences, and amazing tales. I' m no veterinarian now - hell, the messaging services that advertise on phone masts in my neighbourhood make me laugh in an uncontrolled way - and I have no clue if this volume only contains images of glowing horses, but I really think Deadly Equines needs a film handling, totut de suite. What's more, I don't know if this story only contains images of glowing horses.

Sentences like " an alternate equestrian paradise inhabited by lost facts", "Tibet's blood-eating horses" and "global equestrian amnesia" are among the highlights on every Orion.

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