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Riding, riding, riding, cute premium retro shirt: Blaze Interactive Riding Horse Radio Brochure: Toys & Games Flyer Radio offers first class gaming with the Blaze Interactive Riding Horse. Featuring a variety of interactivity noises, this jumping horse riding toys is powered by feed or 3 levels of riding (walking, trotting or galloping). Integrated seat belts make sure that your baby is always safely when driving. Genuine mahne contributes to the authentically styled look of this wonderfully ornamented horse!

Blaze Riding Horse features a bristlebrush and a carrot to stimulate your children's fantasy! Blaze Interactive Riding Horse radio flyer is the next best thing to a genuine horse for infants and young children. It is a wonderful, realistic horse that reacts to a child's movement with realistic horse noises, caused by three stages of riding: walking, trotting and galloping.

Baby's horse encourage the kids to take an adventurous and hands-on approach to riding and grooming the friend horse; when it "feeds" the pet food, Blaze reacts with the sound of food and her smooth thread mahne can be brushes with the combs. Flame the hands-on horse with realistic horse sound generated by three phases of riding: walking, trotting and galloping.

The Blaze also makes "chewing" noises caused by eating a roundabout. Feather horse has an inventive patent-pending "X" chassis with integral tread for ease of entry and exit.

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