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LLC American Heritage Equine, LLC BBB Business Review. The EEIG has been a dynamically growing company with a wide range of horse products for three centuries....

The EEIG has been a dynamically growing company with a wide range of equine products for three centuries.... Working only with âAâ valued insurers, we are one of the biggest insurers of show and leisure equine insurances, equine farming, riding pros, club and show insurances. AEIG is the only insurer in the United States that deals solely with the exposure of equidae.

Through our extensive ecosystem of freelance actuaries and agent insurers, you can learn how AEIG cover can work for you. More than 100 years of horse and insurer expertise are available to our horse death team. AEIG' s death programme offers the best cover for your individual circumstances. The product range of AEIG Haftpflichtversicherung is tailor-made for the needs of professional and amateur insurers.

No matter whether you're looking for cover for a rider teacher or a range of equestrian shows, we have the solution. Whether it's about how AEIG's horse-savvy asset managers know how to customise a premium to the specific aspect of your risks, our expert staff can help you make the right choice from our range of flexibility policies.

National Equine Adjusting, Inc. will provide you with a fast, polite, and effective way to get in touch with them for help with the death, injury, or ownership of your horses.

Horse Supplement Specialists

There are a number of specific cleansing products that your animal can use. Shampoo to filter, all made with the best quality organic materials, you can make your stallion shine again! There are a number of specialised hoof products that support hoof maintenance and treatment throughout the year. Hoofs need particular grooming and attentiveness to remain fit and well.

In addition to our daily hoof care products, we also provide a variety of products for your particular use!

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