American Horse Barn


Cascade Gable Stable; a classic, simple style in an economical packaging that reflects the traditional American horse stables. The design of our stables is unmistakable and stylish. There are several options that allow the customer to design his barn the way he wants it to be. One of the largest stables in the United States is a polo stable in Wellington, Florida.

Are you looking for a new American barn?

Stahl Pferdesställe | Stable construction sets

These have been developed to keep your precious animal safe from the weather like no other barn could. If you buy a stable construction set from us, you can be sure that it will neither corrode nor decay. You can now have a totally maintenance-free adventure. We are also ready to colour co-ordinate them with the available structure to emphasise the attractiveness of your real estate.

For over 38 years we have been the world's largest producer of prefabricated arched houses. Designed for a variety of uses, our easy-to-install building layouts include warehouses, garages, repair shops and more. Not only do we produce high-quality American proud stuctures, we specialise in them. We' ve got the expertise and qualitiy you merit.

Our four decade-long history means that our qualitiy is sophisticated and first class. Offers at ex-works live pricing that no other organization can match. We produce our steels from the heavyest track width and the highest grade available in the whole wide range. To provide employment for our American compatriots, we build our entire building in the USA.

We offer our customer-specific or prefabricated metallic structures at manufacturer's own price and are valuable for every cent. Request special offers for our excess building today.

AEA is a nationally non-profit organization of horse-owning, stable, farm & ranch and horse-riding companies.

AEA is a nationally non-profit organization of horse-owning, stable, farm & ranch and horse-riding companies. Once you have completed this short request, you will have full acces to the special AEA member specific utilities, information, contact information and disclaimers! Benefit from the advantages of our members' goods and service. Join Allianz in just a few moments and use our online use.

AEA was founded in 1989 to encourage horse sport activity, assist horse law, disseminate education books and act as an assurance group for its members. Entitled to claim for extraordinary occasions, particular third party liabilities, horse death, reductions on agricultural holdings and motor vehicle-insurances. Membership services include the latest and most modern entertainment and rider agreements, disclaimers, approvals, corporate structures and riskmanagement programmes.

If you are covered by AEA Property & Casualty Equipment Insurances programmes, you can take full benefit of the advantages you won't find anywhere else. Where so many others have fallen, our programmes are successful because they are sensible and secure industrial standard. Their rewards are solid, inexpensive coverage programmes signed by the top horse insurers in the United States.

You will find here the latest research on the needs, interests and wishes of riders and horse companies. Our members are constantly aware of the statutory environment and the statutes of the horses for our members. While it may not be possible for stable to fully exclude the possibility of an assurance or claims, they can decrease the probability of lawsuits by taking a position that will provide a powerful defence when one occurs.

The AEA Equine Loss Prevention Program is a broad-based, adaptable system of managing risks that provides easy entry to modern policies, indemnities, disclaimers, operational processes and regulatory professionals.

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