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AHP is a professional association for horse media offering networking, news and education. South Daytona, Floride. It's American Horse Publications. AHP listed as American Horse Publications. Newest tweets from AHP (@AmerHorsePubs).

This yearly competition has been open to members of American Horse Publications (AHP), a trade organization dedicated to outstanding achievements in the field of horse publications and to improving communications and comprehension in the horse publishers' work.

This yearly competition has been open to members of American Horse Publications (AHP), a trade organization dedicated to outstanding achievements in the field of horse publications and to improving communications and comprehension in the horse publishers' work. This award recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of horse medias and covers both the field of publication medias and the field of work.

In the last seven years, the enterprise has developed into one of the biggest marketing companies for horse goods in the state. That' s why nobody else has a more comprehensive range of horse grooming accessories. Subscribe to Life with Horses, our free weekly e-newsletter, to get the latest horse healthcare related messages and latest horse healthcare related software releases, as well as money-saving bonuses available only to subscribers.

American Horse Publications article - The #1 resource for equestrian farms, stables and coaches.

American Horse Publications Equity Market Research 2018 shows stabilisation, changes in healthcare governance and further challenge for horse back and open fields. US horse breeders are welcome to fill in the American Horse Publications horse research. Both Zoetis and American Horse Publications (AHP) are proud to have chosen four shortlisted for the 2017 Equity Vision Award.

Zoetis sponsors the Equine Industrial Vision Award to honor the resourcefulness, commitment, service and benefits to the horse industries by inspirationalising these skills in others.

AHP 2018 Industry Survey Results - The #1 resource for horse farms, stables and coaches.

From January 22, 2018 to April 1, 2018, American Horse Publications (AHP) carried out its forth countrywide on-line horse surveys supported by Zoetis. Three key goals of the study were to measure equity trend and managerial practice in the US horse sector, to help the horse sector better assess how the horse sector is experiencing, how it is seen by those who own or administer the horse, and to gain a better understanding of horse healthcare policies.

Like in earlier polls, only men and woman over 18 years of age are participating who currently own or lead at least one horse and are living in the United States. It was an anonymity research, which means that no one, not even the members of the research group, is able to link poll information to answers.

At the end of the poll, more than 9,000 useful answers were gathered. AHP members have supported the poll through on-line and printed alerts and through the use of various forms of communitywork. Jill Stowe, PhD, has provided AHP consulting and analytics for all four AHP Equine Industry Surveys.

"AHP' 2018 Equine Industries Survey will build on the 2009-2010, 2012 and 2015 polls to gain an understanding of the evolution of the horse industry," reports Stowe. Following the trends of the 2015 survey, the US horse sector seems to be relatively resilient in terms of the number of equestrian holdings or administrations and the number of contests.

Total ownership or management of the total amount of registered and unused animals is about the same as in 2015, with slightly more older or not. More than 85% of those surveyed own/manage the same number or more than in 2017, and over 80% anticipate that they own/manage the same number or more than in 2019. Furthermore, the youngest riders are expecting to own/manage more ponies and take part in more competitions in the nearest years.

The cost of keeping a horse is rising in various areas. This year' s poll identified the three areas where horse owner/manager expenses have risen most, namely vet care, labour cost and livestock healthcare product. Undesirable equines will always be an important topic for the horse sector, but also land-related problems (loss of paths/riding surfaces and competitors for open space by property development companies and other farming uses) are becoming increasingly important for those surveyed.

Changes have taken place in the horse's healthcare system and consciousness. Furthermore, more people deworm less often, suggesting that more horse owners/managers follow the results of the use of faecal worming testing and worming in favour of rotary worming. The scientific and technical fields have opened up new possibilities for us to better look after the animals we look after.

Developing new products and therapies opens up different chances for economic expansion in the sector, which need not necessarily be judged by the number of equestrians. "With the obsolescence of the horse as a transport and agricultural instrument, the horse business must take on a new roll where the horse is used for leisure, sports and entertainment," says Stowe.

"Accordingly, the horse is no longer a "necessity" but generally a "luxury item" (although many of us in the horse business certainly regard the horse as a necessity!)," she said, "the horse business is more subject to fluctuation in general markets and competitive forces with other types of rest, sports and amusement.

"After the results of past and current AHP surveys conducted almost 10 years after the start of the Great Depression 2008-2009, the horse sector seems to have stabilized," Stowe said. "Industrialists have made great progress in tackling important topics such as undesirable horse problems and are now focusing on further emerging problems such as the shortage of equestrian arenas and open fields.

" The AHP members who have advertised the poll will be provided with the full results of the 2018 poll, which they can present through their own channel before passing the poll results on to full AHP Members. General horse industries can ask for a synopsis of this new information by contact the AHP offices at after October 1, 2018.

A Zoetis news Release will be published for more information on the results of the horse healthcare surveys. The Zoetis (NYSE: ZTS) is a leader in providing support to its clients and their business. Zoetis has over 60 years of expertise in the discovery, development, production and marketing of vets and drugs, supplemented by diagnostics, gene testing, biodevice and a variety of related therapies.

The Zoetis Group sells its produce in more than 100 markets to vets, breeders and pet owners. For almost 50 years AHP has been uniting horse-related publications, companies, experts, universities and student. This nonprofit trade organisation fosters the excellency of the horse publishers and supports relations and communications in order to boost interest in the horse world.

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