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It has very informative articles and I love the front page. Latest edition Alzada, Montana. Cowhorse coach Justin Lawrence divides five types as he tones his showhorses while he works at his cows' Montana farm. The purchase and sale of ponies can be difficult - or not. Experienced riders put the latest fashions of modern clothing to the test.

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Morris Communications' magazine department, Westernseman, was first released in January 1936. The book contains essays about westernriding, breed and maintenance of animals, education and keeping of animals and animal husbandry. The World' s Leadinghorse Magazine Since 1936" and "America's Favorite Horse Magazine Since 1936".

Wester Horseman offers items about west trekking, equestrian education, equestrian workout and turning and running.

In this year we will elect four new members to the Council.

In this year we will elect four new members to the Council. The four members have a two-year tenure and replace the members of the Executive Committee who have left office. Thank you to all retiring members of the Executive Committee for their contributions to AHCA. The AHCA members who have approved the nominations for the Council are listed below.

You can send your voting form to the following addresses: PO Box 350, Swartz Creek, MI 48473, or by e-mail to or Rhonda Miller-Lebbin on FB to If you know your number, please indicate it on your voting paper. Before I could run, I began to ride with my granddad. When my mother gave in and I got my own steed when I was four years old.

When I was eight years old I began to show my horse and won my first mastery at the tender ages of nine. Horse riding has been my life's work since I began my professional education at the tender age of 10, and I still have fun coaching and educating humans about these astonishing critters. From the beginning I was a member of AHCA and I was a magistrate.

Grarnadpa did not have much use for a steed because he could call the animals and they came to the stables. My experience with the youngster began at the tender of 12 when my mother won a 2-year-old filly at a show jumping competition for young hunters in Oklahoma City.

I was sent to some John Lyons symposia by my mother to find out more about the art of riding. I was also intrigued by the smith who came out and took charge of the horses' legs.

until I was 16, I trimmed my own ponies and some of the neighbours at the border were on (grandfather would not let us keep the pony on the farm, as I said he had no use for horses). When I moved to Texas in January 2000 (after finding out that the light would remain on), I began to train cuttings and show my hogging shop my shoe shop was like a scorched one. I had trained and shod my shoes on horseback at night and showed my cutter on workdays.

2003 I was seriously hurt in a fitting crash, stepped on my knees, broke my pelvis and hit me in the brain that was the turning point of my practice carreer. When I recovered from the event, I was busy shodding my own horse full on horseback.

Afterwards I went into podology, worked with veterinarians and studied with world-renowned veterinarians such as Dr. Rick Redden, Dr. Sammy Pittman and Dr. Amy Rutker. The farriery shop was exploding and was shouted from one vet to another to help work on and get them back on the right path.

I was inducted into the American Horsemenship Challenge Association in 2012 by my fiancée Shelly Sylvester. The comedy, the sportiness and the horseman hsip that this organisation has encouraged have astonished me. As a blacksmith, I was involved in all disciplines of equestrian sport, from backyard domestic animals to pruning, show jumps, rodeos, obstacle show jumpers and drafts.

A. H. C. A. was the only organisation I had seen with comedy and equestrianism, and the sportiness was amazing. It was not me who asked to be on the A. C. H. A. Executive Committee, I was appointed, not by the "family". I' d like to help this organisation to develop and help the new owner to understand how much pleasure equestrianism can be.

It is great when you as a horseman and your mare become a working crew through the "obstacles" of everyday riding. Thank you for the appointment, I look forward to seeing you soon.... Born in 1953: My riding experiences with horseriding began with riding a pair of ponies for a neighbour, the pair pulled hey.

Since then they have always possessed a horse. I' ve been active in various committees for over 30 years and am well versed in the management of the executive committee, the budget processes, the minutes of meetings, etc. Our farm has 120 acre with an indoors and outdoors area, 5 mile working distances, boards, grass fields, etc. I' m working in Environment, Health and Safety for Kinder Morgan's Natural Gas Pipeline Division.

I' m the winner of the President's Award for Volunteerism and currently work as treasure master for the Galveston Channel of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA). As a teenager and 20's I was riding in Central New York, where I was born. When my boy finished high-school, I started working on a horse rescue operation.

There it became clear to me that my passion for horse had never diminished. Luckily I got to know Shelly Sylvester and started taking horse rides with her. I was there to take over the administration when Shelly chose to establish an AHCA Gulf Coast affiliate in Texas. It was the organization, the founder and especially the horsemen and theirs.

All in this organisation seem to have the same familial shared value and ideal and are like-minded in their passion for horses. As a member of the board, I believe I can be an advantage for the organisation with my skills and my increasing know-how about the equestrian art as well.

And I also love to fish with my 27-year-old spouse James, my boy Jake and my other four-legged companions, my Sulcata Tortoise - Miss Kitty from Africa and our three hounds Rocky, Zoe and Sushi. My name is Ho Cricket Nelson, I began with AHCA in 2012 and have enjoyed it ever since.

I' ve been a national for the last 3 years and am a founder member of Middle of the Mitten AHCA. I' d be happy if I could help this organisation to develop and involve many more souls. I had a full and full filled existence with them. Beginning with a Texas ranching hippopotamus, a young man was lucky enough to find work in a community camp/academy, which attracted various instructors from all over the nation and from various fields.

I have a backround in the field of stunt team-penning, some team-roping, hunter/jumper, training and trail-riding. When I travel with my ponies and my family. Judgement has become my main field of expertise during this period and I try to be certificated in different federations and at different locations. It is my passions to help humans and to help the horse.

Equestrian sport included running, sticks and grading before their first obstruction race in 2013. At a doubly penalized UHCA/EXCA meeting, she found that there were major loopholes in her education. In this contest she finished last in the Novice Divison and was dismissed in the Intermediate Divison for exceeding the 10-minute deadline.

Before her first race she had competed in Oklahoma City and qualifed in two different age-groups. and plunged headfirst into the jumping jump. Until the end of 2013 Brandy ranked third in the Novice and sixth in the Intermediate category of the UHCA.

She won the championship buckle and saddle in the Novice section in 2014 and took fifth place in the Intermediate section. In addition, she qualifies for the EXCA Worlds in the Novice area. Brandy won the Reserve Champion Buckle in the Intermediate Divison in 2015 and qualifies for the EXCA Worlds in the Intermediate Divid.

In 2014, however, Brandy and her man bought his family's estate and turned it into a horse ranch named Von Holten Ranch. Here AHCA presented herself to the brandy. In her first Open Riders competition at the AHCA Nationals, she finished third overall.

Currently she is a qualified judges for ACTHA, ETS, AHCA and UHCA. I' ve been owning a horse since I was 3 years old. My daugther and I have been with AHCA since 2012. Since 2013 we have been consecrated to participate in nationwide meetings, and I have been a member of the AHCA judiciary since 2015.

It is a great fact that this organisation concentrates on the art of riding so that we can shape our kids so that they can really get on horseback. I' d like to work with the members of the executive committee to further expand our AHCA familiy and to help our prospective horsemen so that they have the expertise and equestrian skills to surpass them in any case if they wish.

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