American Paint Horse

An American color horse

An American color horse American Paint Horse is a race that blends the conformation features of a westerner horse with a check design of black and whites. Offspring of these colourful ponies soon found their way across the west plain, attracting the Indian and cowboys' heed. The American Paint Horse has a distinct stick-horse physique with a wide breast and well muscle back. Nevertheless, colours show a noteworthy level of sophistication and elegance, especially in the area of heads and necks. Well-known for their unmistakable colour, Paint Horse come in a wide range of designs.

They always have a fur that is a mixture of whiteness and a number of primary colours that are usual for a horse.

Her marks often look like splashes of paint over the horse's corpse, but come in three colour classes - tobacco, knots and toveros - to be regarded as Paint Horse. American Paint Horse is a natural smart race, kind and easy to train. Its standard construction, brains and willing approach make the American Paint Horse an outstanding horse for leisure rides, ranching, show, rodeos, track rides, races or just as a kind horse for the whole group.

In order to be accredited to the American Paint Horse Association (APHA), a Paint's father and mother must be accredited to the APHA, the American Quarter Horse Association or the Jockey Club, and at least one parent must be a certified American Paint Horse. Two types of registrations exist, Regular registries, for ponies with a minimal amount of whiteness on non-pigmented hide, and Solid Paint-bred, for ponies without the necessary amount of whiteness.

The American Paint Horse Association has recorded over one million American Paint Horse a year since its foundation in 1962 at a speed of around 30,000 horse per year. At present, the association looks after around 65,000 current members in 59 countries and territories. To date, the association has been working in 59 countries and states. As well as collecting Paint Horse trees, APHA works to maintain and nurture the story, breed, train, race, show, sell and enjoy American Paint Horse.

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