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Deals Horse has many high quality Paint horses for sale in Australia. Apaint Horses For Sale. List of judges, horse names search, regional clubs, Ride America, performance evaluations and current top sires. It is registered with the American Paint Horse Association together with National Reining Breeders Classic. Pinto Horse SVG,Pinto Horse SVG,Western SVG -Commercial & Personal Use- Vector Art for Cricut,Silhouette Cameo,vinyl decal.


Fawn Paint Horse Ranch with spots

" Founded in 1990, the homozygous Paint Horse for sale at The Scottish Fawn Paint and Quarter Horse ranch are among the best performing and amusement horse in the game! For over 3 years I have been focusing on the improvement of horse genetic, while enhancing my remudas of high-performers.

These " unique " ponies can be found in England as English/Jumpers in International Riding Camps in the hinterland of New York, as Polopferde in England and Argentina, on stud farms in Costa Rica and Australia, on show runs in California, as barrels racer, winners in racing shows, on racetracks in Germany, as ropers in rodeo or working cows on big Montana runs.

He is a horse coach and clinic professionally trained and shaped foal, farrier work, veterinary technology and veterinary nurse education, judge for horse shows, horse advisor for genetics/DNA and breed of AQHA/APHA showpieces. She lived the first half of her career on a working bovine and Oregon Arabian horse farm in the East of Oregon.

It began its vocational career in the horse and hoof forge formation. After taking part in QH horse races and show trainings among the top 10 coaches in the USA, she completed her veterinary technician/assistant-qualification. She has also completed an apprenticeship as a tournament magistrate in many different fields and has worked as such in many countries in the West.

Her main task was to manage large show horse farms and livestock farms in order to teach her ropes and cutters in their daily work throughout the world. Well-trained in all things so that she could help the horse to be anything it could be through soft exercise and comprehension in its own state.

Since her early Indian education, she learnt how to desensitise a foal from childhood so that they could get used to our obscure environment, which one of these days they would she created and played in "A Member of the Herd", an internationally acclaimed film about the right way to print a foal to see the horse from her view.

For the last 26 years of her career, she has developed the versatile "Wendy line" of contemporary paints and quarter horse, which is competitive in the whole show business and uses a horse that lasts for many years. Softly exercised mounts, correct in character and genetic characteristics, to produce the highest level of sporting performance that would stand out in all areas with greatness and dexterity.

Your horse always shows an ingenious, calm work attitude for an easier work-out. And as her husbands Gary has often said: "Consistent Excellency like Wendy's horse line is certainly no coincidence! "Rather, it is her God-given gift and years of work and education. Besides the rarer "Silver gened horses" I currently produce APHA Blue Roan Tobianos, Dun Tobianos, Dun/Roan Tobianos, Dunalinos, Dunskins, Buckskin Tobianos, Grullas, Silvers Grullas with a cream gen, Blue Roan and Grullo Quarter horses, Buttermilk Dun and Black Quarter Horses, as well as Red Roan and Bay Roan and AQHA progeny with dilution and creamsgenes.

Midsummer 2017.......of a speckled fawn stallion...... Dermringer received a Grand and Reserve Champions and two big bands. Other than Derringer, all older ponies were in the group. Since he was his first year and only one and a half years old, he won almost all other ponies and became reserve winner.

It reacted to everything perfectly, which was distinguished us with the great champion. The Sheriff is the most relaxed horse I've ever had. At 18 month, he behaves like a 15-year-old horse. If you like the painting, your ponies are your best bet. Oct. 2017....Two speckled foals from Stetson West are born:)

Said the guys we'd go through the ponies because they were so upset. So, we were decorating the ponies like warhorses, my girlfriend Katie and I were Cow Girls, my youngest Keith was an lndian soldier and my oldest KJ was Spider-Man. That' s another why I like your work.

I have even driven behind an ambulance that had its light maybe 15 feet away from us, I've ever said how much I like them. Here are some pictures so you can see the hopes that everything is going well at the farm. PA Liz congratulates Fernleigh Paints of Australia on her "own son" of our Big Gunner stud, who once again proves his world-class abilities as a top show sire.

First time Big Gunner is a national champion in the breed! He' an unbelievably friendly and generously proportioned horse. Thank you for these ponies, Medea" November 2016...From Corinne Leslie...Owner of Los Angeles, CA., Olympic Equestrian Center: They not only breed nice looking ponies, but also supersporters. A further track record of the diversity for which the Scottish Fawn Paint is known.

The MONEY horse has been bought by a customer who drives him up at a young age as an all-round actor who does everything. He' s a very balanced horse with the stadium and the tournament and has certainly spoilt me. I' m still using him for my ranching, and he's good at it.

We present "Salsa" (red and reddish colored tabiano filly), which has been raised and sold on Ellie Kuun's polo programme (Chapel Hill Stud Farm) in England by the Scottish Fawn Paint Ranch in Montana and how enthusiastic we are that she is making progress in this astonishing sports, which is ruled by TB', because it requires so much endurance and skill in spirit and physical condition.

Thanks to ellie for joining our filly foal careers in this new breed of paint promo ponies....for sure we will come to ellie's upcoming programme with our Gabriel Stable, which we have been exporting to eullie as her principal offspring from paint horse company Paint to be.... "at the Ham Poly is the only London Pole Course.

She' s being coached and rode by Will Healy. She won her competition as BEST PURPLAYING POLYPY. Every year Will goes to Argentina, where he breeds an old and very succesful breed and every year import a few top ponys to England to play there.

Chapel Farm Stud's Ellie will cross Gabriel on some of these top broodmares (who have come from Argentina) to make the next breed of horses, of course with a dash of Paint! We will also have a 4 year old in the education of Gabriel out of one of his particular mares....we will watch!

NOTICE: Just another example of Stetson West's eventing and capability to create year after year champion in all the world's disciplines! Congratulation to Fernleigh Paints of Australia for her "own son" of our Big Gunner stud, who once again proves his world-class abilities as a competitive sire.

First time Big Gunner is a national champion in breeding! The picture was taken at MWHA Futurity 2014, where she became Futurity Champion in the Futurity Yearling Series. In addition, she was Reserve Champion of the tournament for MWHA and MSC Horse Clubs for Yearling Halter. Happy birthday Kintzel Paints! Two years and under!

He will be named LIZ Liz because he is homozygot and the qualities that come from the Scottish Fawn Paint Runch, which consistently produce the winner. The Motown was honoured with the Junior Ranch Horse Versatility Australian National Champion, who took first place in the areas of cleaning, boxesing and fun and second place (by half a point!) on the track.

He also won the Reserve National Champion in the Ranch Sorting Tour. Equestrian by Daniel Gorman and in the possession of Fernleigh Paint Horse Stud. MAY I SAY MONTANA BREED MY OWN MONTANA HORSE!!!!!! Congratulation to Maureen Christopher on purchasing Color Me Quick Cash - also known as'Trendy' - it was a very tough choice to let him go, but he went to the best possible home and everyone at Spotted Fawn is thrilled about his brightening.

No other stallion in the whole wide universe is like him with his unique genetic and marvelous pedigree, he is one of a million! He' s well integrated into the workout programme and a real talent. He will have a limit to his books because we want to keep him in school.

Our AQHA Buckskin stallion Bueno and Jamaica Rose shows his talents for his first rodeo run, rode, in the possession and beloved of Stephanie Fallgreen from Montana. He' s on his way to a 1D barrels horse for the near and far.... and..... he' s not beautiful!

"Our farm produced the black AQHA horse, which we educated, farmed and subsequently marketed to Los Angeles to the owners of the Olympic Equestrian Center, which has taken him year after year to the top of the show jumper community of the top riders in the whole Montana area.

Worldclass every times one and a half brothers to our own Jamaica from our Top Moon prod. It' nothing but legend in these ponies. He' s heading to Arizona to become a 1D Barrel Horse! Another example of the powerful descendants of our sires! In all her shows she was a true classic!

21 June 2011, The renowned Monty Roberts from the "Join up" practice came to the Scottish Fawn Paint Ranch to find some high grade colors for his global practice programme in Solvang, CA. The two-year-old Paint colts that began under horseback, Rapazz and Bear, and our last filly, a Tobiano filly by the name of Chase.

Visit Monty's website for his world-class internship programmes and upcoming hospitals at Monty Robert's Congratulations Monty and Pat Robert's! For the second year in our life, our own Arabian daugther, who we have bred and marketed to Kintzel Paint Show Horses in Iowa, has bred a wonderful Tobiano Halter filly by name.

At the PtHA World Show in Tulsa, OK, Shirley Kintzel just gave me the message: "I am in Tulsa, OK, at the World Show and today Skylark was rated as 3 and 4 year old Tobiano Mare Spinto WORLD CHAMPION. This makes two of the great Aztec baby, who are world champions:)

She had four in her grade, but she did a great work! "Your little sibling A Rare Diamond (top right) went to the 2008 APHA World Show and was the first Tobiano to take the World Champions! Congratulation to Kintzel Paints! We have our own foal by Nu Bars Bueno and The Aztec Eagle, which will be shown here as a foal at the biggest Equine Expo in England every year!

Your proprietor, Ellie Kuun, who owns the Chapel Farm Polo Paint Horse from Cornwall, England, said: "Well, we had a really great show today and finished fourth. It was a great accomplishment for a westerner horse against top English ponies.... she made us proud little venerd! "JUST IN...Here is a subsidiary of The Aztec Eagle, who finished her education in Idaho at the early ages of 3 years...another testimony to the versatile achievements of the Spotted Fawn heirs!

This is an astonishing achievement for every horse of this breed, which has to be accomplished with such charm and allure! AQHA Black Montana Nighthawk Wallach (continued in our AQHA Hall of Fame Top Moon line), now in the possession of Corinne Leslie from Sonsy Farms in Chino, CA, who is the owner/coach of the renowned Los Angeles Olympic Equestrian Center; "Hi Vendy - I thought you would like to see your little guy 4' at an "A" race show in Del Mar He became the fourth of 36 horsemen in a Modified Jr/Am pole group.

We' re planing to show it in a $25,000 category at the end of October in Del Mar. Los Angeles Olympic Equestrian Center's Corinne Leslie said that "ARROW"...2007 APHA Black and White Dobiano Gelding from The Aztec Eagle and "Shawnee's Kitten" AQHA, just won his first Baby Green Hunter classes a few week ago!

No one can believe that a 3-year-old horse is so well brought up and willing! He' s a gifted lily horse! It was an open show, more than ten guys in each group! Congratulations to Liz Oppel from Pennsylvania on another show in Williamsburg, PA on June 5, 2011 on "Nugget" by our champ Stetson West.

Chapel Stud Farm's Ellie Kuun is very excited at how quickly he is making progress under the saddle in the first few words of his 4-year-old education! CALIFORNIA .... here is a subsidiary of The Aztec Eagle out of one of my broodmares, who cleans up in the Extreme Trail Time!

This is another good example of the constant quality of the spotted fawn selection programme, which provides variety in all areas of work! "Jag " (a grandchild of The Aztec Eagle) was reared and reared on the Spotted Fawn and then marketed to Rhonda Berglund. It was Wendy Malone who was brought up on a Quarter Horse and Case farm in eastern Oregon.

She began her horse education at the tender of 18 as an Indian horse coach who teaches her how to learn to handle and softly practice the game. Over the next 25 years, she studied and coached with some of the top 10 instructors in the USA, including the American Quarter Horse Association's two-year-old horse show in San Francisco's Cow Palace, the AQHA race horse show in New Mexico's Ruidoso Downs, work at the 300 Arab stables of the Pattersons, and five years as an Oregon horse vet assistan.

He has coached a wide range of US races, both British and West, on show ranges in the West before moving to Montana. Since more than a dozen years she owns and runs the Scottish Fawn Paint and Quarter Horse Runch, where she is raising the American Paint Horse Association and American Quarter Horses for show, performances, fun and outfits.

In May 1998 he made the final footage for two different German newspapers, the Paso Magazin in English and Spanish, the National Horse Magazin in Peru and the headlining movie "MEMBER OF THE HERD". He split the mainlinerpace in Equine Expos with Cleve Wells and other great trainer of the new age.

She' s also told a real tale about the exceptional connection between her and a great game horse, "Stormy". Communication with the horse was a God-given gift she was given at the time of her creation, and she is always ready to pass on her wisdom to anyone who asks for it.

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