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Locally find American colored horses in horses and ponies in the UK and Ireland. Grow up in a flock Paint Horse is a kind of race with a lovely natural environment that loves working for humans. With good handling and friendliness the Paint is a great horse for kids, they get along well. It' important that in the first years of their life a horse is given the chance to be a horse and that they can be raised in a flock in order to be ranked among their age group.

Quarter Horse is the oldest and most beloved American horse racing event. This breed originates from Arabian breeds that have been introduced to America by Spaniards and were crossbred with full-blooded Arabian thoroughbreds in 1600. Humans in America used to enjoy horse racing in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. But there were hardly any racing tracks, not even long and even straights, so that really small runs took place on the village road.

It was seldom more than a quarter nautical miles away. The horse had to achieve its top pace within a very brief period of the race to gain. This is how the horse got its name, because it was quicker than any other horse on a part of a mill.

The Quarter Horses - Paint Horses for acronym - are the Quarter Horses that are painted above the knees. Tobiano, Ofo and Tovero. The most common is Tobiano. The Tobiano is a Paint Horse with the large and even spots on the back. The Paint Horse is rarely with the characteristic blank design on its back.

It has a whitish texture that goes upwards from the stomach and is often well-burned. Often you find the Overo with black feet and black skull. Toovero is a collection of Tobiano x Overo color samples. There are two Tobiano Paints who can give a Homozyoot Tobiano filly. Irrespective of the color of the sire or mother it is bred with, this filly will always transmit the Tobiano genes with a speckled design to his heirs.

Paint Horses' receding heigth ranges from 1.42 metres to 1.72 metres. Paints do not differ significantly from other quarter horses: they are smart and have an outstanding temper. Color is the only characteristic that differentiates the color from other quarter horses. This horse is very "cool" by birth.

Quarters are quick, even and very manoeuvrable. Paint Horse has calm doors and unbelievable acceleration. Paint is a typically western horse and is used in all disciplines of western sport. His own breed with his own family tree was created in response to the fact that fourth mares could not be included in the fourth horse family if they were not uniform in colour.

Sometimes it was the case that a dyed filly was foaled by two of the same colored stallions, so that in 1962 the American Horse Association was established to register these cats. The Pinto Horse Association also exists, which registers all breeds of horse as long as they have the right colour.

This breed has been raised by Indians for hundreds of years. The Pinto should not be mistaken for the Paint Horse.

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