American Saddlery Saddles

U.S. Saddlery Saddles

I'm looking for anyone with experience in American Saddlery. The American Saddlery Black Pony Saddle has a floral instrument set with silver rivets along the skirt and fenders. The PFI satisfaction guarantee is on all our saddles. US saddlery flowers/basket drum saddle. Explore New & Used American Saddlery Saddles sold on America's largest horse marketplace.

The American Saddlery Company Western Trail Sättel von Circle Y, Tucker & More

Light curdura semitrailer with low draught. EqiFit fibreglass boom, 'Wide-Gullet' drawbars. Hight of the cape: 4". Buckskin, specially upholstered, without fit. The Trailsattel consists of a glass fibre strengthened wooden beam and is therefore perfectly suited for the All-Around-Trail-Driver. The tight-fitting individual skirt reduces your body mass and volume and keeps you nearby for accurate cushioning.

Tunnelling apron removes the stress on the horse's backbone. Sturdy polyurethane padded seating for all-day driving comforts. Hight of the cape: 4". Rock: This is the ideal blend of a smooth, shock-absorbing barback cushion and the added convenience of a form-fit fit. There is a raised coat on the saddle for extra grip. Enclosed cellular foams allow a tight grip without causing discomfort to riders or horses.

Full grain cowhide calfskin with tunneled vents, cowhide lining, tight fit component, high back coat and cushioned poles. Cantlé: Cantle: The 5 pound and is designed to give you the safety and convenience you need for long trails. A roughened seating area has an additional padding for added comforts.

Chamber width 6. 5", chamber height: 3. 5", horn: 2" with 2" canopy. Montreal Royal Trooper is the best quality treed harp ever made. At the same time, Equi-Balanced offers a slimmer drive and a better fitting for your horses. Unparalleled seating springing allows simple adjustments to lift or lower the chair for ultimate convenience and assistance.

Long-lasting, massive slits in brasses, round coat and westerly beading. Rock: 24". Approx. 28 pounds. Circle Y Saddles' Sheridan Trail Saddle is manufactured using Flex2 engineering, has a drop front stirrup and a round tail jacket with an angular back derailleur that allows the use of balance stirrup-ups.

Hight of the cape: 4". Rock: Approx. 25 pounds per pound. Designed for the horseman looking for a comfortable and safe ride without a buzzer. Jacket height: 3 1/2". Length of skirt: 23". Approx. weight: 22 pounds. Circle Y Saddles Flex 2 is a beautiful handcrafted horse riding trailer designed for everyday trails.

Enhanced riding experience with flexible 2 offers convenience for horses and riders. Tight-fitting apron construction. Hight of the cape: 4". Rock: L. Approximate weight: 25 pounds. The Julie Goodnight line of Peak Performance saddles focuses on performance, communications and convenience. Wind River Trail is based on Wind 2 boom technique with 3-way In-Skirt riding.

It also features a slip-on emergency rock lining with yellow bars for the horse's own comfortable fit, while the Neo-Shock-Rock cushions the impact with soft foam and adapts to the horse's back. No compromise in ride quality with the comforts of a horns, the ultimate ride experience for a trailer-driver. Browse through impassable terrains without worrying about your seat slipping. Just activate the option angular back wheel diameter to comfortably lock the seat.

Drive the additional mile with confidence because you know your horses enjoy the same incomparable level of riding pleasure thanks to the progressive boom system. Jacket height: 3 1/2". Rock: 26" round. Approx. weight: 28 pounds. There are no more painful joint pain if you sit in the seat all morning. The Horizon North Star has the same broad waves and the same depth 5" Kantle to keep you safe and braced in the saddle, thanks to Tucker's High Plains-Sattel.

It is made of truly extraordinary British harness skin known for its luxury smoothness and naturally resistant to humidity and elemental attack. Jacket head height: 5". Rock: 26" full. Approx. weight: 35 pounds.

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