American Toy Horse

Toy American Horse

Often purchased together Colour: Make sure this matches by typing in your style number. Reality modeled horse, wonderfully hand-painted in 1:12 scales. The American Paint Horse is known for its colourful fur patterns and the physique of the hobbyhorse. Scaled 1:12, this authentic hand-painted 1:12 RC replica is ideal for young people.

are known for its colourful fur-pattern and the physique of the stick-horse. Scaled 1:12, this authentic hand-painted 1:12 RC replica is ideal for young people. Father got me this breast, and I loved it. I' ve had it for about 3 month now and not a splash, scratches or break has occurred.

All in all he is a wonderful grey horse, I would not recommend to buy this horse for a kid under the age of 8 because his leg bends slightly and breaks even more easily. This is another great discovery of Bryce. So I took the chance to buy some horse, stable and accessory for my daugther as a big suprise and she loved them.

She is 10 years old and we enjoy to tie ourselves to the horse and its shed. The play with the Broyer-Pferden leads me back into my youth.... Thank you Broyer! I don't know what to say. Breyer's been around for years, since my child was very young. Still loving those stallions, the children of today.

You have a large horse collections. Apparently she likes a horse, too. Buying this nice appleosa for the 9th anniversary of my grandchild Vivi, together with a Breyer barn and a Korral. Viva liked them all, especially the horse. But we were all frustrated that the horse did not get up without toppling over because his legs were not in balance.

I' d rather Breyer fixed the issue. It just looks like that, and when we got it, I asked my spouse if the horse looked like that in reality. So we get a lifelike horse for the upper bookshelf where we can see it every workday.

As it is the height "Classic", she claims that it is a "yearling" compared to her traditionally large Breyer-dorses. that I can get her more horse for my money. Horse equipment in the classical format is also less expensive... and takes up less space. Me and my daugther adore a horse, and this classical height suits their shed.

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